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Direct Line Insurance Company was founded in 1985 as one of the UK’s first direct car insurers. Today, they provide an array of general insurance products such as car, home, landlord, pet, travel, and breakdown coverage, as well as their online account, which offers one-stop management as well as access to their 24/7 helpline service. Find out the best info about Direct Line Claims Number.

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Direct Line Insurance was founded in 1985 as the UK’s first direct car insurer, cutting out intermediaries and forms to provide customers with better deals. They remain true to their roots by remaining quick, simple, and with an attentive human touch, offering car, home, travel, landlord, pet, cycling, and over 50s life insurance products online or via telephone or on-call 24/7 with dedicated customer service teams that can assist customers with anything from changing names or making claims – or offering Typetalk support for people with communication difficulties! They remain devoted to keeping customers at the core of what they do!

Financial Conduct Authority regulates and underwrites UK Insurance Limited policies issued by this company.

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Direct Line pioneered direct car insurance in 1985, revolutionizing it by taking a straightforward approach to selling. Since then, their brand has stood for speed, simplicity, and common sense – three cornerstones they still adhere to today. Direct Line offers car, home, landlord, pet, travel, over 50s life cycling, and SELECT premier insurance policies that can be purchased both online and over the phone. Plus, you can easily make changes and updates anytime using your account! These include adding or removing drivers, changing names or addresses, and retrieving saved quotes. You can also view all documents and claims history as well as access your policy documents on mobile devices for easy management of your account. Managing your account has never been so fast or convenient!


Your online account makes filing claims quick and simple – whether you have already filed or need to file. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor and manage them quickly, as well as access documents and ID cards stored there.

Direct Line Insurance Company was established in 1985. They were the first insurance provider in Britain to use computers to underwrite and sell insurance, providing lower costs and better service. Since then, they have expanded to offer car, home, landlord, travel, pet, and breakdown cover, as well as offshoots in Spain and other countries.

Direct Line issued a profit warning in 2022 due to freezing weather conditions, rising third-party motor claims inflation, and decreased property investments, which all conspired to lower its solvency ratio below its preferred range. As a precautionary measure, it purchased a three-year 10% quota share reinsurance cover to strengthen capital levels.

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Direct Line was established as England’s inaugural direct car insurer in 1985, using advanced computer technologies and offering direct sales and service over the phone to its policyholders directly without brokers or additional costs incurred through intermediary services. Over time, Direct Line gained a reputation for innovation with regard to its use of computers for policy sales/service. RBS Insurance purchased them in 2003 and now provides general insurance products such as car, home, landlord, tenant, pet, travel breakdown, and life coverage. Their iconic mascot–a red telephone on wheels–established high levels of brand recall. Your online account makes it simple to make changes and receive assistance without picking up the phone. They also provide a free service called Typetalk that helps those with communication issues communicate more effectively, with multiple language support for their website, as well as access to their FAQ section where answers to frequently asked questions can be found.

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