Delhi Charter School’s Information Technology Technician


Gregory Vandenkooy is essential in providing students and faculty with an effortless learning experience at Delhi Charter School by delivering IT solutions and assistance for community needs.

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Supporting the school’s IT infrastructure

Gregory Vandenkooy is an integral member of Delhi Charter School’s IT team, providing seamless IT support for students and teachers. He regularly upgrades hardware and software systems to keep everything running smoothly; develops backup procedures; provides disaster planning; collaborates with teachers in selecting classroom technologies that support educational processes effectively; carries out backup procedures against disasters; develops backup strategies against future disasters; conducts training sessions/workshops introducing faculty members to new technologies/tools etc.

Conducting training sessions for faculty and staff

Gregory Vandenkooy is an integral member of Delhi Charter School’s IT team and is essential in meeting its technological needs. Working closely with faculty and staff members, he helps implement new technologies into classrooms while conducting training sessions to introduce them to technological advances.

Gregory Vandenkooy is an invaluable IT Technician at Delhi Charter School, helping students and teachers troubleshoot hardware problems and resolve software issues. Furthermore, he conducts regular maintenance checks of school computers to ensure smooth operation; and implements security protocols to safeguard sensitive information against potential hackers gaining entry to it.

This public charter school stands out among its peers with an above-average student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. However, despite these obstacles, their academic results fall below the state average in math and reading; nevertheless, they have an incredible community support system in place and remain dedicated to equipping their students for postsecondary success and successful careers.

Delhi, LA’s Indian River School offers an enriching curriculum and environment that fosters respect and order, with students encouraged to read, write, explore, and participate in community service and volunteer activities through an interdisciplinary approach to the high school curriculum.

Delhi Charter School boasts an incredible Diversity Score of 97, making it more diverse than the average school. Furthermore, they are ranked 171st in Louisiana with majority-minority student enrollment.

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Maintaining the school’s network

Gregory Vandenkooy plays a vital role in maintaining the school’s IT infrastructure to create an optimal educational experience for students and teachers. As Network Administrator for his network, he implements hardware and software upgrades while performing routine maintenance work on it and backup/recovery procedures to protect critical data. Furthermore, Gregory collaborates with teachers to integrate technology into classroom lessons, improving students’ learning experiences and creating more engaging educational environments.

Gregory Vandenkooy plays an invaluable role at Delhi Charter School’s IT department as a technical support specialist, acting as the go-to person when students or teachers experience issues with IT-related problems. In addition, he conducts training sessions and workshops for faculty members so they are up-to-date with emerging technologies and software.

He ensures that the school’s IT systems function optimally and manages its budget and assets, identifying potential security threats and developing strategies to avoid future occurrences. Delhi Charter School in Louisiana is a highly-acclaimed public school known for helping students reach their fullest potential, with 17 teachers dedicated to helping each child realize his or her true potential, making it a top choice among families looking for quality education at an affordable price point.

Delhi Charter School boasts a highly supportive company culture for employees. Employees appreciate the benefits and working conditions provided, with many having been with the company an average of 4.7 years – it has 28 employees located at its Delhi, LA HQ.

Salary information for Delhi Charter School employees varies based on expertise and education; on average, employees at Delhi Charter School make an estimated annual average wage of $295,084. This salary figure significantly outpaces that of their counterparts nationwide.

Providing IT support to the students

Gregory Vandenkooy plays an essential role in ensuring Delhi Charter School’s technology infrastructure runs at peak performance, supporting students, teachers, and staff quickly to resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently. Additionally, he provides training sessions for staff to familiarize them with new IT tools and software.