Crime Scene Cleanup Service


Crime scene cleanup services require discretion and compassion, removing stains, odors, and residues caused by traumatic events. Professional cleaners use various equipment to dispose of biohazardous materials and disinfect affected spaces. Sort out the crime scene cleanup service in Texas.

Smither’s company trucks are outfitted similarly to traditional service vehicles but have instead been fitted out with hazardous material suits, scrub brushes, respirators, and sterilizers instead of standard tools like hammers and wrenches.


Blood and other bodily fluids found at crime scenes and accident sites often contain harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and diseases that can lead to illness or even death if left uncleaned. Crime scene cleaning professionals are specially trained in finding every trace of contamination at these scenes and effectively eliminating it all; additionally, they focus on removing odors as well as restoring materials damaged by blood or bodily fluids.

Crime scene cleaners must adhere to stringent governmental guidelines on how to dispose of biological materials, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes liquid-impermeable hazmat suits, chemical spill gloves, face masks, and chemical-resistant shoes, as well as using special cleaning and disinfecting products explicitly designed to rid scenes of biohazards for safe reentry.

When an incident takes place in your home, a professional crime scene cleanup company must be called right away to remove any potentially hazardous contaminants and facilitate faster recovery. Failure to take immediate action could result in serious health concerns that don’t appear for months or even years later; professional services will ensure all traces of pathogens have been eliminated prior to returning your home to its previous state while also handling any structural repairs that might be needed.


Once visible biohazard material has been cleared from a scene, crime scene cleaners use special sanitization and disinfection chemicals to clean, deodorize, and sanitize all surfaces that come into contact with bodily fluids or pathogens – these powerful products outclass traditional household cleaners in terms of effectiveness. Crime scene cleaners may also employ air scrubbers in order to ensure any airborne biological odors are eliminated.

Crime scene cleaners must wear protective clothing and masks during the cleaning process to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous materials while adhering to OSHA and CDC guidelines when disposing of biohazardous waste. Hiring a crime scene cleanup company is the surest way of making sure all materials are appropriately disposed of.

Professional crime scene cleanup services will often use Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing to ensure that crime scenes have been thoroughly disinfected. ATP is an inexpensive and straightforward method of monitoring how effectively sanitation and disinfection techniques have worked at cleaning up an incident scene; therefore, it should be conducted after each cleaning involving blood or bodily fluids.

Crime scene cleanup services can be highly demanding in cases of unattended death, where bodies remain for days or even weeks before discovery. Crime scenes in such instances often contain residues, including gunpowder, dust, dirt, and even toxins, which AFTERCARE uses detergents and commercial-grade disinfectants to clear away effectively.

Stain removal

Criminal scenes often contain blood and other bodily fluids, creating hazardous situations requiring special tools, personal protective equipment, and industrial chemicals to make the area safe for anyone entering. PureOne Services has extensive experience cleaning up these types of events with great sensitivity and compassion while complying with all state regulations regarding the disposal of biohazards such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C biohazards.

Crime scene cleaners must also disinfect and deodorize the area once all debris and waste have been cleared away, using various cleaning products like traditional mop buckets, spray bottles, sponges, brushes, as well as biohazard disposal boxes or biohazard bags as part of their arsenal of supplies.

Cleanup at crime and trauma scenes is often complex and time-consuming, yet necessary to prevent infection. Finding a company licensed, bonded, and insured that uses proper disposal protocols to dispose of any materials contaminated with biohazards should be your top priority – the cost should usually be covered by insurance while these professionals work around your schedule to achieve the best possible results.

Odor removal

No matter the crime, professional cleaning companies follow standard steps to ensure a scene is safe and sanitized following cleanup efforts. This may include tracing and collecting blood for disposal, disinfection, deodorizing, and controlling insect infestation. Bodily fluids at crime scenes often contain pathogens like Hepatitis B, C, or HIV, which is why strict guidelines must be observed during cleanup efforts.

Crime scene cleaners are trained to identify every piece of biological material at a crime scene and remove it using special techniques. This helps avoid permanent damage to items on display at the scene while simultaneously decreasing risks to health and providing closure for family members who have been affected by tragedies.

Crime scene cleaning can be an emotionally trying job, so professionals must approach each situation with care and respect. This is particularly crucial for families of victims – crime scene cleaners often go beyond standard cleaning duties by offering counseling and resource referral services for families of the victims as they cope with an upheaval caused by traumatized events. Professional crime scene cleaners also give clients peace of mind by guaranteeing that the job will be carried out correctly and safely.

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