Crave Nasi Lemak Menu


The nasi lemak menu at Crave is a must-try if you visit Singapore. It is one of the most iconic Singaporean dishes cooked in coconut milk with various fresh ingredients. If you want to recreate the dish at home, follow the recipe below. Make sure the rice is cooked well, and the ingredients are fresh. And if you’re in Singapore and are looking for a great meal, try CRAVE’s 2 for a $10 nasi lemak promotion!

CRAVE is a nasi lemak stall

CRAVE is a nasi Lemak stall on Adam Road, Singapore. It is one of the most famous and popular nasi lemak stalls in the country. Apart from serving the authentic nasi lemak, Crave also offers ala carte nasi lemak meals. You can also try their Royal Rumble meal and Full House chicken wings.

The nasi lemak served at Crave is made from basmati rice. It comes with fried egg, Ikan Bilis, fried peanuts, and sambal chilli. You can also choose to have a prawn or original otah for your nasi lemak—the nasi lemak at Crave costs around $6.10.

Nasi lemak is a traditional noodle dish from Malaysia and Singapore. It is a popular staple in Singapore, where it is served with a chicken cutlet, sambal Ikan Bilis, peanuts, and Utah. A good nasi lemak stall will serve you a nasi lemak with a choice of garnishes, such as fried egg, chicken, or fish.

The famous Crave nasi lemak is a popular local favourite with over 38 outlets islandwide. The stall uses fresh ingredients and spices in its recipes. For example, you can try their Signature Chicken Wing Set, which comes with fragrant coconut rice, fried egg, Ikan Bilis, peanuts, and sambal chilli. The food is also available for takeaway or delivery.

CRAVE has 43 locations in Singapore

CRAVE is an award-winning café chain with over 43 outlets in Singapore. The brand has teamed up with Amoy Street’s Teh Tarik and Rafee’s Corner to create a unique dining experience that pays tribute to Singapore’s rich food and beverage culture. Known for its coconut rice made with basmati rice and chicken wings, CRAVE has also expanded its concept with CRAVE Cripsy Ayam. This outlet serves Singapore’s most popular local fried chicken.

The CRAVE Nasi Lemak chain is owned by the Kiosks Collective, which started the concept in 2015. The company’s founder was a frequent customer of Selera Rasa’s Adam Road Nasi Lemak, which Dr Abdul Malik Hassan owns. So the two teamed up to create CRAVE Nasi Lemak. Selera Rasa is considered Singapore’s Best Nasi Lemak and a familiar name in many malls.

CRAVE has a promotion offering 2 for $10 Nasi Lemak

Until February 2022, CRAVE is running a promotion offering two for $10 Nasi Lemak set meals. The promotion, known as ‘FEB-blouse, allows diners to purchase two sets for the price of one if you visit CRAVE in any of their outlets. Customers can also get their hands on the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing set, but it’s limited to one box per person, so it’s highly recommended to visit CRAVE in your locality before you miss out.

Besides this deal, the promotion at CRAVE in Bishan Junction 8 is also worth checking out. It offers diners a chance to get 2 Nasi Lemak sets for only $10! However, the offer is only available on certain days, so make sure you go early and take advantage of this offer! Also, the limited-time offer is only available at certain locations, so you might want to check out the promo terms to ensure they fit your needs.

CRAVE’s new menu combines two popular Singapore hawker stalls: Selera Rasa on Adam Road and Rafee’s Corner The Tarik on Amoy Street. This special menu is made from a family recipe. Most Singaporeans are impressed with the CRAVE Nasi Lemak; if you are craving it, you can’t go wrong!

CRAVE serves nasi lemak with chicken satay or beef rendang

Crave Nasi Lemak is a fast food chain in Singapore that takes a traditional local dish and adds unique twists. For example, rather than serving the traditional dish with plain rice, Crave now serves it with chicken satay or beef rendang to give it a new flavour profile. The chain has 43 locations throughout Singapore.

The original version of nasi lemak is served with a curry, usually a beef or chicken satay, but many variations exist. Many Malaysians are Hindu and do not eat beef, so they serve nasi lemak with a meat dish like chicken, pork, or fish. It is served alongside beef rendang, chicken satay, or a stir-fried water convolvulus.

Nasi lemak is a staple of the Malaysian diet. It is usually cooked with coconut milk, a pandan leaf, and a sambal sauce that can be either fiery or sweet. In the northern West Peninsular, nasi lemak is less common than the indigenous nasi, and in Sabah and Sarawak, nasi lemak can be viewed as an imported dish. At hawker centres, nasi lemak is often wrapped in banana leaves to add extra flavour to the dish. Moreover, nasi lemak is served with a side dish, a hard-boiled egg, and roasted peanuts. In the East, nasi lemak is

Singaporean nasi lemak has a simpler flavour and contains anchovies, peanuts, and boiled eggs. Many nasi lemak counters also serve nasi lemak with chicken satay or beef rendang, but the sambal is still a crucial part of the dish.

CRAVE has partnered with The Tarik from Rafee’s Corner

For their Nasi Lemak menu, CRAVE has partnered with Rafee’s Corner, which is famous for serving the Tarik. The Tarik is a specialty drink made from tea dust, which is important for brewing a rich cup. Rafee’s Corner’s owner has travelled to the Cameron Highlands, India, and Indonesia to source the best tea dust blends. He uses them, hehe so, and a combination of them to create his unique version of the Tarik.

The fusion of two iconic hawker food names is a winning combination. Crave is a popular destination for locals, and its Nasi Lemak is a must-have. Besides their Nasi Lemak, they also have chicken wings and coconut basmati rice. CRAVE Cripsy Ayam is another brand extension, serving the local favourite of Singapore, fried chicken.

CRAVE is a new outlet in the ION Orchard district. The restaurant houses two of Singapore’s most popular food brands – Adam Road’s Nasi Lemak and Rafee’s Corner’s Teh Tarik. Despite having a unique concept and menu, both eateries have strong reputations for their nasi lemak and the Tarik.

The Crave Nasi Lemak is one of the best in the city and has become a popular destination in Singapore. While the classic dish has been around for centuries, the restaurant has incorporated new twists. In addition to serving traditional nasi lemak, the menu also features chicken satay and beef rendang, giving it a unique flavour profile. The menu is available in 43 locations across Singapore.

CRAVE has a wide variety

CRAVE offers a selection of Nasi Lemak dishes. They prepare it using a family recipe and offer it at different prices. The meal includes basmati rice, fried chicken wings, sliced cucumber, and signature sambal chilli. The dish also comes with fried ikan kuning, a common addition in Malaysia. For dessert, you can try the Nasi Royale.

CRAVE has several outlets in Singapore. Among these outlets, the flagship store in the Amoy Street mall serves Nasi Lemak. For takeaway, CRAVE offers delivery through Foodpanda, UBER Eats, or Deliveroo. The establishment is certified Halal, which means it follows the guidelines of the Islamic community. The photos are courtesy of Halal Food Blog.

As one of the country’s premier Nasi Lemak restaurants, CRAVE offers a wide selection of Nasi options. The Nasi Lemak with Chicken Cutlet is one of the signature dishes featuring a thick chunk of fried chicken cutlet. The chicken wings are crispy and juicy, and the sambal is sweet and spicy. So whether you’re craving an authentic Malaysian meal, CRAVE has the perfect menu to satisfy your craving.

A great choice of Nasi Lemak sets a great way to start a meal. There are classics and unique dishes to choose from. Nasi Ambeng, a fusion of nasi lemak and curry chicken, is an excellent option. Most of these options come with local beverages. You can choose between a classic or a modern rendition of this authentic Malaysian staple.