Counting Cars on the History Channel


Count’s Kustoms is a spinoff of Pawn Stars that follows the daily operations of an exclusive auto restoration shop in Las Vegas. Led by Danny Koker as head of Count’s Kustoms and featuring their team working on car renovations/restoration projects.

Reality television series can often involve drama. Two years after debuting on the History Channel’s series Count’s Kustoms, it was hit with a lawsuit (via Courthouse News).

Count’s Kustoms

Count’s Kustoms is an award-winning reality series on the History Channel that follows Danny Koker and his team as they modify and repair cars for customers. Premiering in August 2012, this program quickly developed a loyal fan base.

Koker, more commonly known as Count Cool Rider, has amassed an impressive collection of classic cars. A self-taught mechanic himself, Koker runs his shop, Count’s Kustoms, in Las Vegas, which specializes in car modification and restoration.

Over his career, Count has established himself as an admired social media influencer with an immense following on social media platforms such as Instagram. He regularly appeared as a guest star on Pawn Stars – a top-rated History Channel series depicting daily operations at Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Furthermore, his spin-off series called Count’s Kustoms followed him and his team while they operated their custom shop.

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Viewers of the series witnessed Count’s Kustoms team transforming various vehicles by customizing and modifying them to make them better than when they arrived at their facility. Comprised of talented and experienced individuals who can transform any car, viewers also witness them interacting with clients and taking them for test drives.

Although popular, the series has experienced significant controversy. Notable was when an employee embezzled $75,000 from the shop – this scandal threatened to shut it down altogether.

However, Count’s Kustoms managed to weather the storm and continue producing new episodes for its loyal fanbase despite some fearing that the show might be canceled.

As such, most viewers expected that a series that garnered such immense popularity so quickly would continue airing for many seasons. Some even held out hope that it might make its comeback one day.

History Channel has not announced its plans for continuing the Count’s Kustoms. Danny Koker has not been involved with the series for some time; there have been rumors suggesting its return, but nothing concrete.

As yet, it remains to be seen if Count’s Kustoms will survive without its iconic leader, but it seems inevitable. While it is evident that Count has established himself as a brand, it will be fascinating to observe how his absence affects how the series performs without him at its helm. Fans remain eager for its continuation at some point, and hopefully, there is some way the Count can bring back its fans through new episodes or something similar.