Cordova Learning Series Class 7


Cordova Learning Series Class 7 is the first indigenously defined, designed, and technology supported textbook for indigenous schools that is supported by web based support. It embodies its motto ‘enjoy while you learn‘ while its primary aim is to provide students with a clear and logical presentation of subjects such as Science in order to foster its conceptual development, fundamental skills acquisition, attitude formation as well as appreciation of applications within everyday life and technology.

Table of Contents


Maths is one of the cornerstones of learning for any student and serves as a crucial prerequisite to higher classes. Mastery requires practice and understanding complex formulae and theorems which may be difficult to grasp at times. Extramarks offers NCERT solutions class 7 written by subject matter experts with vast experience to help slow and quick learners alike understand the material easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths can be immensely helpful to students as it aids them in comprehending concepts more easily. They explain basic principles within chapters as well as providing an overall view of all the concepts. Consequently, making learning and memorizing easier, these solutions also aid students in scoring higher marks during examinations.

Class 7 International Cambridge Secondary Education Board Maths topics are essential for students as they form the basis of future studies. The ICSE class 7 syllabus offers various subjects like algebra, percentages, profit and loss analysis and trigonometry – essential topics if taking scholarships, Olympiads or competitive exams.

Cordova Science Books make learning exciting and enjoyable, using HOTS questions which emphasize acquiring values enshrined in our Constitution. Following CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), as per the latest syllabus, they include formative and summative assessments with free smart class software for teachers. Cordova’s innovative textbook series employs a completely novel approach to teaching mathematics – providing hands-on experiences in perfect coordination with resources readily available within learners’ immediate environments; using an Explain – Comprehensive – Practice – Essential Drill Application approach.

Cordova Learning Series for Class 7 is an essential book for all students in class 7. Written by Praadis subject experts and featuring in-depth descriptions for every topic covered, this book seeks to develop scientific concepts and fundamentals while cultivating scientific attitude and temperament among its readers.


While visiting, don’t forget to pick up a copy of “Nature is my muse”, an excellent book on nature photography by Richard Lear. Cordova Learning Series-Learning Science strives to give students a logical and clear presentation of this subject matter so they can acquire scientific concepts, fundamentals, skills, attitudes and temperament relating to science in everyday life and technology. These books have been meticulously written to follow the National Curriculum Framework guidelines recommended for CBSE, ICSE and State Board schools. Additionally, this series conforms with CBSE’s Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme as prescribed. Incorporating Powerful Visual Appeal activities like Fun Hands-on Activities Group Activities Jigsaw Puzzles; plus Science Updates which make students aware of new discoveries as well as Inbuilt Exercises designed for regular assessments are all hallmarks of excellence for any successful classroom experience.