Combating Moisture From Within: Basement Drainage Systems


Basements, often the forgotten corners of our homes, hold immense potential. They can be transformed into playrooms, gyms, workshops, or guest bedrooms. But, this potential hinges on one crucial factor – a dry and healthy environment.  Unfortunately, basements are prone to moisture problems due to their underground location. While exterior waterproofing methods are essential, the battle against moisture must sometimes be fought from within. This is where interior drainage systems come into play. Read the Best info about AOB Basement Waterproofing.

What is an Interior Drainage System?

An interior drainage system is a network of pipes installed within the basement floor that collects and redirects water away from the foundation.  Unlike exterior waterproofing, which focuses on keeping water out, an interior system channels water that has already seeped in towards a sump pump.  The sump pump then discharges the collected water out of the basement, typically through a drainage pipe leading away from the foundation.

Advantages of Interior Drainage Systems

  • Effective Solution for Existing Leaks: When tackling persistent leaks or seepage that exterior methods haven’t fully addressed, interior drainage provides a reliable solution.
  • Installation Flexibility: Interior systems can be installed in finished basements with minimal disruption. The pipes are typically buried beneath a new layer of concrete or encapsulated in a drainage matting system.
  • Faster Installation: Compared to exterior waterproofing, which often involves excavation, interior systems can usually be installed in a shorter timeframe.
  • Cost-Effective: In situations where exterior access is limited or the foundation requires extensive repairs, interior drainage can be a more cost-effective approach.

Types of Interior Drainage Systems:

There are two main types of interior drainage systems:

  • Perimeter Drain System: This is the most common type. A perforated pipe is installed along the perimeter of the basement walls, capturing water seeping through cracks or foundation imperfections.
  • French Drain System: This system uses a layer of gravel beneath a drainage mat, allowing water to percolate through before being collected by a perforated pipe installed within the gravel layer. This method is often used in conjunction with a perimeter drain.

Choosing the Right System for Your Needs

The ideal interior drainage system for your basement depends on several factors, including the severity of the moisture problem, the type of foundation you have, and the layout of your basement. Consulting with a qualified basement waterproofing professional is crucial to determine the most effective solution.

AOB Basement Waterproofing: Your Partner in a Dry Basement

Located in Akron, Ohio, AOB Basement Waterproofing (330-969-6645) has been a trusted name in basement waterproofing. Their team of experienced professionals offers a comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions, including interior drainage system installations. AOB understands the unique challenges of basement moisture and will work closely with you to design and implement a system that keeps your basement dry and healthy. They offer free consultations at 809 Evans Ave, Akron, OH 44305, allowing you to discuss your concerns and receive expert advice on your basement’s best course of action.

Beyond Installation: Maintenance Tips

Once your interior drainage system is installed, proper maintenance is key to ensure its long-term effectiveness. Here are some essential tips:

  • Regularly inspect your sump pump: Ensure it functions correctly and clear any debris hindering its operation.
  • Test your sump pump battery (if applicable): Many sump pumps come with backup batteries for power outages. Check the battery regularly and replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the drainage system inlet: Occasionally, the inlet pipes may become clogged with debris. Remove any obstructions to allow water to flow freely.


Interior drainage systems offer a valuable solution for combating moisture problems within your basement. Working with a qualified professional like AOB Basement Waterproofing can create a dry and healthy basement space, unlocking its full potential and adding value to your home. Remember, a proactive approach to basement waterproofing ensures a dry and comfortable environment for years.

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