Colibri Trader Review


Colibri Trader is an unregulated forex trading firm with lofty claims. If you want actual returns, investing your money with a regulated broker would be far better.

Price Action Trading Course provides an all-in-one trading course focusing on price action strategy, with training videos and articles on market psychology.


Colibri offers various features, including position monitoring, a margin calculator, and a database to store users’ positions, debts, and loans across stocks, derivatives, and FX markets. Furthermore, this tool can analyze market trends.

Colibri Trader Review provides a comprehensive trading education package with video tutorials and daily email support. Training centers on price action strategy – widely taught at trading academies – and its Pro Trading Course costs $398; students can also receive weekly trading setups or private mentorship upon request.

This company, located in London and boasting offices worldwide, claims that they operate an unregulated forex broker service; traders investing through this broker do not enjoy protection by any regulatory body; therefore, they will likely lose money if they invest through this firm.


Colibri Trader provides traders with various trading tools and services. Its MT4 platform features advanced charting and analysis tools and automated trading via Expert Advisors (EAs) and Indicators; plus, it gives traders a variety of orders they can place with it.

High leverage levels offer tremendous profit potential but also carry considerable risks. That is why many regulators have placed limits on retail brokers’ leverage levels – for instance, FCA-regulated brokers must keep client funds separated from company funds, report transactions daily to enable external audits, protect negative balances and offer leverage no higher than 1:30.

Shady forex brokers typically do not permit chargebacks, one of the few mechanisms through which victims of investment fraud can retrieve their money back. This is an obvious telltale sign of a scam. Instead, opt for a licensed broker with fund safety and low-risk trading accounts to maximize your chances of success.

Trading platform

This company provides a proprietary trading platform supposedly powered by real-time data and claims to offer 24/5 trading advisor support – but these claims remain unverified.

The trading platform also features additional tools to aid traders during their trading experience, including a cash position module for spot and derivative markets, a risk indicator calculator, and closing order processing capability.

Colibri Trader provides training programs designed to teach traders the fundamentals of trading. Their Pro Trading Course costs $398 and features weekly trade setups, email support, and private mentorship upon request; additionally, it provides access to over 24 training videos and a detailed trading manual. Unlike many trading education academies, however, Colibri trader’s approach centers around price action strategy because its founder is well versed in trading.

Customer support

Customer support at Colibri Trader is an essential feature of their trading platform, especially for new traders just starting; unfortunately, it is primarily unavailable due to being unregulated. If any issues arise due to improper practices from this company or they fail to return your funds as promised, it is best to contact your bank or credit card provider and request a chargeback.

Colibri provides this type of service to manage the sending of emails and messages through an email marketing platform (e.g., Mailchimp). Personal Data processed includes name and email address.