Coldwell Banker Business Cards


Business cards can be an effective and subtle way to let clients know you are available while meeting company guidelines. Our Coldwell Banker business card templates have been specifically created to fit within this framework while allowing you to include essential details about yourself, such as photos or important contact info.


As a Coldwell Banker real estate agent or Realtor(r), your business cards are a discreet but effective way of informing potential clients that you belong to one of North America’s oldest and most acclaimed residential real estate brokerage franchises. No matter your style preferences – classic designs with headshots and contact information or more creative layouts featuring photos of listings – we have plenty of solutions to meet them all. Your business card purchase comes with options for printing features (Spot UV included) and card stocks to fit your preferences, plus customization online post-purchase – our templates conform with company standards for a lasting impression.

Printing Options

Coldwell Banker business cards provide several printing options when ordering, such as spot UV coating, paper thickness, and layout (horizontal or vertical). You also have the choice to include photos on them.

Premium business cards are an effective way to distinguish yourself as an agent and leave a lasting impression on potential clients. Plus, these durable cards can be laminated to protect their design and come in various colors! Printed on high-quality stock material for professional yet eye-catching results, personalized using an online design tool!

Real estate business cards require careful design consideration of their typeface choice to achieve optimal results. There are numerous font options to select from, each offering its own distinct aesthetic: contemporary/modern and classic styles are two styles to consider when choosing fonts to pair with your logo and business card design. Regarding color selections for business cards, it is also crucial: black is associated with professionalism, while blue can bring peace.

Coldwell Banker logo-adorned business cards can make an excellent first impression; however, you could use your company’s logo or personal photos instead. Some business cards even contain QR codes so people can more easily find your contact info on mobile devices; you could also opt for a unique shape, like a house essential shape when designing your card.

Note that your real estate business card should serve primarily as a marketing tool. Ensure your contact information and services stand out while remaining uncluttered – for example, using minimal text on the card or choosing a clean layout.

Depending on your industry, double-sided business cards could be ideal. Doing so allows you to include more information without making it look crowded or confusing, as well as making text more readable by using smaller font sizes and thicker cardstock than standard 14pt paper.

Paper Options

Coldwell Banker has long been one of the top real estate firms, helping millions find homes over its over-century history and being recognized for excellent customer service. Agents and brokers looking to show affiliation with such an esteemed brand should utilize our Coldwell Banker business card designs. Choose from various templates that adhere to Coldwell Banker brand guidelines while adding your personal touches, such as photos of listings or individual headshots for additional personalization.

Take your business cards to the next level with plantable seed paper! Crafted from recycled fibers and featuring colorful wildflower seeds, recipients can plant this eye-catching business card after saving your contact info to grow their garden! Customize this unique material with logos or custom text to give customers something both functional and environmentally friendly – ordering is straightforward with just three easy steps!


Coldwell Banker business cards are an ideal way to show your affiliation with one of the world’s premier real estate brands and contact clients even when they aren’t looking to buy or sell real estate. Business cards typically include information about the name and tagline of your firm and the logo and contact info for each staff member.

Realty Cards provides several pricing options for Coldwell Banker business card printing, with our standard two-sided, full-color card being one of the more economical choices. These cards deliver superior quality at an economical cost.

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