Cheapest Business to Start in Nigeria


Nigeria provides numerous business opportunities with low initial investments and operating expenses, providing an opportunity to generate income in the short term and become profitable over time. Read the Best info about nigerian price.

Private tutoring is an inexpensive business idea that parents widely appreciate. Furthermore, this profession allows for flexible working arrangements as it can even take place remotely.

Provision Store

Provision stores are businesses that specialize in selling household necessities like biscuits, sweets, chewing gums, washing soaps, tissue papers, and spices like royco or maggi cubes to customers. Starting such an enterprise is relatively inexpensive and straightforward – all you need is passion and determination for success!

If you have extra capital to invest, launching a soft drink wholesale or beauty salon business could also be worthwhile. These ventures provide opportunities to express creativity while offering profits; plus, they can even be run from your own home! Just make sure that prior research is conducted to assess what products the market demands.

One alternative would be starting a perfume business, which can be both profitable and straightforward to create. Just keep in mind that self-employment taxes could prove relatively high!

Startup costs aside, starting a provision store business can also help you develop crucial fundamental world skills from managing people and budgeting/planning/making intelligent decisions to long-term financial freedom. However, please keep in mind that starting one can be highly stressful due to taking on the responsibility of running such an endeavor; be wary, as starting up will put strain on family and friends if done wrongly!


Betting is a popular form of entertainment among Nigerians and an excellent way to generate profits. Opening a betting or lottery shop can be an ideal way to tap into this market; Jumia offers an impressive range of betting products for your storefront!

Snail farming is another low-cost business idea worth exploring, with startup costs estimated at less than 100,000 Naira for starting this profitable and part-time venture. You can start small and expand it as snails reproduce. As with most low-cost startups, snail farming requires only an initial capital of about two dozen snails. With enough space available in your backyard or outside your office building for snail housing facilities, snail farming offers one of the cheapest businesses you can start up!


Many people struggle with developing profitable business ideas, yet several small enterprises can be started with minimal or no capital outlay. When combined with knowledge and skills, these ventures can become very lucrative – local restaurants, home cleaning services, and other service-based experiences come to mind as potential examples. You could also start an online experience such as blogging or YouTube channels and make money through ads, sponsorships, or Google AdSense.

Nigeria has over 200 million people, which makes for an abundant market to launch small businesses. If you can develop the appropriate business plan and understand market trends, Nigeria may prove ideal as an enduring home for your new enterprise.

Catering businesses are highly lucrative small businesses that can be started for less than 500k, offering food and drinks for events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, funeral services, anniversaries, or any other type of gatherings. Knowing your audience and providing exceptional service are keys to successful catering operations.

Pure water (sachet water) production can be another lucrative, low-capital business that can be started without much risk or investment. A necessity in Nigeria, it serves many families, offices, and schools and represents an attractive option for entrepreneurs with plenty of energy who desire hard work.

Writing Materials

Perfume retailing can be one of the cheapest businesses to launch with N5000, yet proper research should be conducted to avoid falling prey to fraudulent traders and ensure all fragrances sold by you are genuine by testing.

Nigeria has an established online shopping culture, making it simple and profitable to set up an e-commerce business targeting its large population of buyers. Though you will require funds for website setup and product acquisition, this venture can prove very fruitful indeed.

Cleaners can be an attractive investment option with minimal startup costs. People require assistance cleaning their homes, offices, and shops regularly, so this business could prove highly rewarding for any entrepreneur seeking an easy start-up strategy.

Starting a copywriting business in Nigeria can be an excellent way to make money and use your talents for good. Requiring only an investment of 100,000 Naira, the company offers high earnings potential for skilled writers. A final year student from the University of Ilorin recently stated that due to his copywriting business proceeds, Seyi Olawale no longer needed his mother and family for money anymore – this enabled him to quit asking them for help as the profits paid him enough money for living expenses alone.

Contrary to most businesses, becoming a driver in Nigeria does not require you to own your car; instead, you can partner with an existing car owner and remit your income on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Barbing and Hairdressing Salon

Barbing salons are one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria and can make significant returns, with some barbers even making millions from this profession. Running your barbing salon from home or your salon is one of the most profitable businesses around, though more capital may be necessary than with other ventures. Although not as costly to set up as some others, barbing still costs some initial expenses when getting started.

Depending upon the size and nature of your salon, you must purchase the appropriate equipment. A regular clipper costs N50,000, while sterilization machines may also help prevent germ spread. Furthermore, generators may come in handy in areas with frequent power outages.

Once you have all of the equipment needed for starting a salon, it is time to select an accessible location in a safe neighborhood. Furthermore, registering your business as soon as possible will protect against any issues that may arise in the future. Hiring an agent to manage this process for you can save you both time and hassle; additionally, it ensures compliance with local laws.

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