CCL Stock Price – What You Need to Know


Whenever you search for a stock in the market, the most important thing you need to know is how much it has earned and how the company is doing. Similarly, you should also look at the future outlook of the company. This will help you in choosing a good stock to invest in.

Market capitalization

Using the market capitalization of CCL as a guide, you can compare the company to its peers. The company operates hotel lodges and cruise ships and offers cruises to all major vacation destinations. The most important thing to know about the market capitalization of CCL is that it fluctuates due to a variety of factors, including the issuance of new shares and the repurchase of existing shares. If you’re curious about the stock’s performance, you can consult the latest report from Carnival Corp. It includes a detailed chart and three sections.

The company’s stock is currently trading at $9.89 billion. This is the highest market cap in 10 years and it could fall in the near future. The CCL stock is part of the Carnival Corporation, a dual-listed company with CCL LN. The Carnival Corp market cap report provides a wealth of information and data about the company. The report’s three sections include a chart, key performance indicators, and a visual chart.

Using the CCL market cap as a guide, you can compare the performance of the company to its peers. The company has been around for more than 100 years and offers cruises to all major vacation destinations. A good understanding of the company’s history is essential for comparing CCL stock to its peers.


Previously, Carnival (CCL) reported earnings on September 30, 2022, for the third quarter. According to the company’s earnings report, the company’s earnings were diluted earnings per share before non-recurring items. As a result, the company had an EPS of $0.02. In addition, the company announced its next expected announcement date for the fiscal year ending 2022-08-31, which is December 19, 2022.

In the past month, the consensus EPS* forecast has decreased. The current EPS estimate is -$1.46. The company’s expected range for fourth-quarter 2018 is from $0.46 to $0.50. The company also expects a decrease in earnings by $0.08 a share due to changes in currency exchange rates, fuel prices and weather-related voyage disruptions. In the full year 2019, the company expects a decline in earnings by $0.07 a share, which is due to recent fuel price increases.

On a positive note, the company remains positive on results in 2023. However, the company could face an issue in the coming year as rising interest rates make it difficult for it to continue operating profitably. During this time, the company will have to redeem cruise credits, which could have a negative effect on its future.

Carnival (CCL) stock price is down 21% after the company’s disappointing earnings report. Despite the stock’s negative price move, the company’s future outlook is positive. The company still has a BNRI price target of $32 and is outperforming and rated by Macquarie Group.

Future outlook

During the first two months of 2021, Carnival Corporation (CCL) shares outperformed the S&P 500. But in the last two months of the year, the stock price has been lagging behind. However, there is good news on the horizon for Carnival. The company’s client deposits have grown QoQ for the third straight quarter in Q4 FY 2021. In addition, the company released a business update on December 20, 2021. This reveals that the company has managed to make its numbers stick and has outlined expectations for a gradual increase in capacity. The company has also refinanced its debt.

For instance, the company’s non-GAAP adjusted net loss will narrow from $7,951 million in FY 2021 to $1,214 million in FY 2022. This is a pretty big improvement in a short time frame. Additionally, the company expects to achieve a major boost in revenue in 2022. Moreover, the company is expected to save on interest costs by about $0.4 billion per year, which is more than the amount of money it will cost to pay off the $1.9 billion in outstanding debt.

In the meanwhile, the company’s Q4 FY 2021 revenue per passenger cruise day was 4% higher than the same period in FY 2019, which was the company’s fiscal year. In addition, the company’s non-GAAP net income is projected to be a shade better than the previous year’s.