Cast & Crew, Entertainment Partners, ABS and Media Services


Entertainment payroll companies come in various shapes and sizes. Selecting one for your project depends on factors like budget, type of production, and location. When looking for the right payroll provider for you, keep these three companies in mind: Entertainment Partners, ABS, and Greenslate. Read the Best info about payroll outsource services.

Cast & Crew

Cast&Crew provides technology-enabled payroll and production management services to entertainment industry companies, with products including payroll processing, residual invoicing and reporting, production accounting software, and production accounting services for films/television/music tours/festivals as clients. In addition, cast & Amp Crew provides cloud-based tools for financial services, including budget setup/cost tracking services.

Studio+, the company’s digital asset management solution, allows users to store and share payroll and production documents; Hours+ provides time card and workflow functionality; Reporting+ is used to interpret and visualize data through reports; PSL+ is an online system for budget setup and cost tracking; in addition, worker’s compensation, insurance coverage, and production tax credit financing services are also provided by this firm.

Managing an entertainment project can be an arduous challenge. Producers need an easy, streamlined media services payroll solution designed with modern producers in mind to manage payroll accurately and ensure its accuracy – the PitchBook Platform offers over 3M companies for this purpose; for more information or a demonstration, request one.

Entertainment Partners

Entertainment Partners (EP) provides 1099 payroll services and integrated production management tools, such as residuals, tax incentives, finance, and integrated production scheduling tools for film, television, digital media, and commercial projects. EP aims to revolutionize paper-heavy back office processes within the industry, while its Casting Portal solution lets producers easily find background actors.

This company employs over 12,000 staff and offers them various benefits. However, given their vast size and complexity, many staff remain on set or out in the field throughout the year, making it difficult for them to know which benefits they’re eligible for or to navigate a complex benefits system across studio groups.

The company is fully dedicated to creating a positive work environment, which is evident from its high employee satisfaction rating. A recent employee survey asked employees to rate various aspects of culture within the organization; results revealed high scores in the Compensation, Perks & Benefits, and CEO Rankings categories; employees also felt optimistic about their coworkers!


ABS Production Payroll provides production payroll with in-house accountancy designed for independent filmmakers. They specialize in US projects but have an international department as well. Their services include W2 payroll, tax incentives, and budgeting advice, as well as SAG timecard advice – plus, they have an online calculator specifically for US projects!

Topsheet, established in 2017, is an upstart that seeks to streamline production management. They use automation tools such as call sheets, crew tracking, custom time cards, and dynamic pricing depending on project type and budget.

These services were created explicitly for episodic TV productions and make the process of managing crew, day players, and locations accessible with mobile timecards. Furthermore, they can assist with payroll for multi-camera series while keeping an eye on talent for continuity purposes. Their weekly fee is calculated based on project size.


Greenslate is an eco-friendly payroll provider serving the film and television industries. Their range of services, such as production accounting software and tax incentives support, make Greenslate an indispensable partner. It is based in New York City and offers benefits to employees at competitive salaries compared with similar firms. Greenslate’s employee turnover rate remains low while wages remain competitive across their field of operation.

Greenslate stands out from other entertainment payroll companies by not requiring producers to fax paper timecards; instead, it utilizes an online platform for timecards and payments, thus cutting down on paperwork while increasing efficiency in its process. Furthermore, it offers credit monetization, on-demand reporting, budget management services, as well as other specialties.

Since 2002, this company has specialized in commercials, music videos, and live events. Their staff includes highly experienced accountants and payroll administrators familiar with industry requirements; in particular, they possess in-depth knowledge regarding union contracts as well as being capable of handling both union and non-union projects.

Greenslate pays its employees an average annual salary of $73,360, which is in line with industry and location averages. Individual salaries may differ based on factors like responsibilities, skills, and experience.

Media Services

Media Services leads in the implementation of media technology and non-print media resources to support teaching and learning, scholarship, administrative services, campus activities and events, customer satisfaction, and customer service excellence. They specialize in audiovisual equipment rental and training services as well as coordinating classroom technology design projects, Distance Education support services, video conferencing sessions, and live event streaming.

OCI Media Flow provides a fully managed service that delivers scalable distribution and origination of packaged Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) video content, including just-in-time packaged ABR video content, via mobile devices, TVs, and PCs. OCI’s cloud platform also allows users to build solutions that deliver broadcast-quality video streaming capabilities while increasing accessibility, distribution, and content analysis.

Media Processing Platform in Azure Cloud offers you an on-demand and live media processing platform to deliver video or audio streams that reach millions of viewers across multiple devices securely and with a high-quality viewer experience. Easy integration with other Azure apps provides for an optimal viewer experience while supporting various video formats and featuring advanced security, monitoring, and disaster recovery features.


Production teams using this platform can use it to onboard new workers, process payroll, and handle insurance in one convenient application. Furthermore, its solutions help companies stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws while tracking expenses, managing timecards, and automating tax filings; users have particularly appreciated its turnkey solution for production payroll.

Since 2018, Wrapbook has provided the media and entertainment industries with an all-in-one software suite to facilitate project-based payroll and insurance services, providing freelancers in film and television production projects with seamless onboarding and insurance experiences. The goal is to offer a seamless payroll and insurance experience.

Wrapbook’s customer service has earned rave reviews from its users, many reporting it to be patient and helpful. Furthermore, their user interface is highly user-friendly; some even cite it as quick and efficient for onboarding crew members. Some users have reported issues with its readability due to thin typefaces and limited customization options; however, overall, this tool has proved an invaluable asset to production managers, relieving stress while streamlining backend processes more efficiently.


Topsheet is a new company offering full-stack solutions for entertainment payroll services, production management, and scheduling. Their cloud-based platform helps production teams onboard talent and crew, process payments, and generate reports, while digital time cards help monitor production budgets.

This software automates many of the tasks typically managed by payroll accountants. It calculates hourly wages, meal penalties, night premiums, and complex turnaround penalties automatically—all at the click of a button! Furthermore, this system supports both union and non-union payrolls with custom settings that allow users to customize each shoot’s settings accordingly.

Topsheet offers services to support commercials, music tours, and live event projects on both computers and mobile devices, offering direct deposit for talent and crew. Ideal for small-scale productions and independent films alike, with flexible pricing plans depending on project size and budget considerations, Topsheet is the perfect partner.

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