Call of Duty: Warzone MAC 10


Whether you’re playing the PC or Mac, there’s something for everyone in the Warzone game. If you’re a seasoned shooter, you’ll love the high-speed action, while novice shooters will find the game to be a great learning experience.

Task Force barrel

Despite the fact that it’s been relegated to the back burner by the RA 225, the MAC-10 still has its fans. Known as the MAC, it’s an old-school SMG that’s been resurrected to save the day in the right circumstances. It’s also a weapon that’s a great option for long-distance assault rifle users.

It’s not rocket science to put together a stellar Mac 10 build, but a bit of tinkering will yield some impressive results. For starters, there’s a wide array of attachments to choose from, most of which are more tethered than free-ranging. The aforementioned Airborne Elastic Wrap Rear Grip and Serpent Wrap will both improve your aim, and your mobility. Similarly, a hefty load of Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag will increase you reload time and improve your ammo. Lastly, a good sprinkling of Agency Suppressor will keep you off the map and improve your vertical recoil control.

Tiger Team Spotlight

MAC-10 is a viable SMG that is surprisingly easy to use. Its range and stopping power are decent and its recoil is reasonably consistent. Using blueprints will help smooth out the recoil curve and make the weapon feel more user-friendly.

The Mac-10 has been making some waves in Warzone since its debut in the Black Ops era. It’s easy to see why the weapon has been one of the most popular SMGs in the game. The MAC-10 has a decent base stopping power and can be used in a variety of ways to boost its capabilities. Its base magazine is pretty small, but you can boost its firepower by using the Serpent Wrap or a 53-Round Mag to increase the number of shots you can fire at a time.

Raider stock

MAC-10 is one of the most popular SMGs in Warzone. It is a powerful weapon that is very easy to use. It is also one of the best weapons to use in close-quarters combat. It is highly mobile, has a high rate of fire, and good effective range. It is also very effective in mid-ranges.

To get the best out of your MAC-10, you should consider the following attachments. It is important to note that these attachments may change, depending on the regular weapon balancing.

Raider Stock Attachment – This attachment boosts MAC-10’s mobility by boosting ADS firing and strafe speed. It also increases the gun’s speed while shooting and aiming. It also improves sprint-to-fire time and ADS firing movement speed. The attachment also penalizes hip-fire accuracy.

STANAG 53 Rnd Drum

MAC-10 is one of the most popular submachine guns in Warzone. It’s a reliable and powerful weapon that’s easy to use and control. It’s also an ideal weapon for players who like to engage in close-range gunfights.

The MAC-10 has a fast rate of fire, great range, and good base-stopping power. It also has high mobility and great recoil control. The MAC-10 is ideal for close-range gunfights and works well with other ranged weapons.

The MAC-10 also comes with a 5.9″ Task Force barrel that improves the weapon’s range and overall damage. The Sound Suppressor also reduces recoil and increases the weapon’s velocity. It also helps players remain off the radar and improves aim down-sight speeds.

The STANAG 53 Rnd Drum Attachment is included in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It reverts the damage and ammo capacity issues brought about by the barrel attachment. It also improves recoil control and allows players to remain aggressive.


MAC 10 is a full auto submachine gun that is capable of taking down targets on the fly. This is one of the newest additions to the Call of Duty: Warzone arsenal. It has garnered a lot of press for its ability to handle a surprisingly high number of rounds before it needs to be disassembled. This is a big deal, particularly when it comes to a title that has a plethora of options for weapon customization.

The MAC 10 has garnered quite a bit of attention, particularly for being the newest and cheapest weapon in the game. Its high rate of fire and improved handling make it a very desirable weapon to carry around. Its high-octane brew of bullets and high-powered magazines make it a very capable contender for the best submachine gun in the game.