Buying an RV on a Budget


The Marriott on wheels!

That could be one of those oxymorons to buy a great RV on a budget, but you can continue to get the best deals if you merely devote a little time to finding what you would like.

We officially started outdoor camping with a small 14′ Exciting Finder in June of 2009. Since that time, we have discovered that camping may be addictive.

There’s just something special in being away from home for a Saturday and Sunday, or even a couple more days and nights that gets into one’s heart and soul.

For us, it’s the total leisure and the ability to catch species of fish on many bodies of water we all most likely wouldn’t get to try out. It’s like taking a small vacation since you’re away from your house and daily routine.

Very well, after almost three years of a fairly cramped space, while camping, we made a decision to help upgrade our RV. Therefore, I started researching many travel trailers, not just close to you, but looking almost daily on the net on a nationwide basis.

My partner and I even sent off a lot of brochures for the floor options we decided we would like. Effortlessly, I studied them all the time checking out even the smallest depth. Many RVs are similar in space, but the floor plans adjust, and finding one that suits you is the best feeling for CARAVAN shoppers.

After all that exploration, we finally came up with the floor plan we wanted. We narrowed our search up to a Kodiak, Aerolite as well as Bullet. Our decision to never sell our Fun Person ourselves led us to help contract with a local consignment RV lot.

January was the last time most of us camped with our Fun Finder of the bird, then the search escalated to locate our “dream RV”.

I actually searched and searched everywhere on the web looking for what we got dreamed about and had put on the goal board in my business office. We had pretty much narrowed the search to a Keystone Topic because of its floor plan and also the quality of construction.

One particular weekend we had decided to push over to a Camping Planet which was not far from our house in order to look at some other models. Reduced and behold, they actually got a 2010 Keystone Topic in the floor plan we all wanted so we gave that a serious looking over. The minute we all walked into the Bullet, our hearts skipped and overcome almost simultaneously. It just was EXACTLY what we had dreamed about for the next RV. We tried out not to show our pleasure to the salesman, but it has been like the cat that dined on the mouse, we just simply couldn’t stop smiling.

Effortlessly the salesman was interested in providing us with this RV, although we had decided not to buy it yet. Especially since they were inquiring about around $25, 000. Which will, for us, was just plain out of your budget we’d set up due to the type of purchase.

That one day started a frenzy connected with researching for a Keystone Round with a rear bath, sole slide out, and heart wall complete with a spin all around the TV that separated often the sleeping area from the living place.

I scoured the Internet checking out RV sites all over the YOU before finally finding a makes a representative lot in Mich called Lakeshore RV. My very own contact was a guy titled Mike and we started all of our endless barrage of issues. One of the things we learned seemed to be that they wanted $2200 to produce a new RV for our household in Florida.

It took in terms of a month of discussion before most of us finalized our options, value, and shipping arrangements. Also because of all the options, it by now came with, we only included a larger A/C, a glide out awning, and a great E2 equalizer hitch additional less than 5, 000 pounds. ultra light RV.

Certainly one of our major decision-making items for the Bullet was that will Lakeshore RV had informed me they sell less in the cold time months, so they had an exclusive price with lot’s regarding options, and overall that worked out to be some $6, 000 less than most a lot were asking.

The day has been fast approaching before we all headed up North to grab our new Bullet. Following logging on to Map pursuit, I found out how many a long way we had to drive roundtrip, in order that gave me an idea of just what our gas costs could be. So we decided to drive up To the north and personally pick up our own new “Marriott on wheels”.

We left our house in Cape Coral, Florida at 6: 00 AM on Saturday. With our GPS installed and set up for someplace within Northern Georgia, plus the trusty laptop on the prepared to search out places to sleep for your nights, we’d be gone, all of our departed.

It was a beautiful time to drive, and some ten hrs later with only one little rainstorm in Southern Ga, we arrived in Dalton, GEORGIA. where we booked right into a Motel 6. Laugh all you need, but they are great, inexpensive locations to stay, and usually located near a restaurant or two. We are going to not out to buy the resort; we just want to rent a clean room for resting.

The next morning we began again around 6: 00 AM and drove throughout the hills of Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Indiana ahead of reaching our next vacation spot, South Bend, IN, exactly where again we found some sort of Motel 6 online cheaply. Luckily for us, this one possibly gave me a senior citizen lower price on top of the low rate.

About day three, our study showed us our destination must have been a mere 150 miles Upper. It had taken us a pair of full days and a few times in the AM of the final day before we go to our final destination. Our earliest stop was at a Wal-Mart to buy some large pads. Then we continued to the RV lot, which was just one or two more miles away. Naturally, both our hearts were racing when we finally owned into Lakeshore RV throughout Muskegon, Michigan.

Since it was still in winter mode, the temp was in the low 50s, called us it was literally cold. We had planned for the frigidness and had our sweatshirts around, but I didn’t wish to carry long pants therefore my legs did obtain a little chilled.

Lakeshore MOTORHOME told us we could remain on their lot for the evening if we wanted just to examine things before starting south.

Since I had the elements channel saved on my laptop computer, I had checked the weather for this particular day and it had been showing a very cold top coming our way. Therefore we made the decision to continue our own drive into a warmer environment. So, after finishing up the actual contract, we drove from the lot with our 2012 28′ Keystone Bullet. Needless to say, my heart was pounding as well as my palms were perspiring since I was thinking this particular monster behind our Tundra was going to be super difficult to adjust to, but I rapidly found out that it was as easy as the actual 14′ RV we had offered.

It didn’t take well before Karen broke out our own Passport America camping manual and located a campsite in Indiana, so that had been our goal for time 1 of our return house.

About 4: 00 EVENING that afternoon, we reached the Caboose Lake Campsite near Remington, Indiana, and place up for the first time. It was chilly but beautiful blue heavens, so we located our designated space and set up our own Bullet for the first time.
At least we have a chance to operate our gas heater and fortunately for all of us it worked perfectly. Want to know the best part was that it only price us about $15. 00 because of the 50% discounts Passport America gives to the members.

On day 2 we made it to Tn and booked into the Nashville Country RV Park close to Goodlettsville and we still found our way to the early afternoon. Since it was in the Central time zone, all of us actually arrived an hour or so sooner than expected, so we walked to this beautiful park and got some pictures. We paid out a little more here but it must have been a lot less than a hotel all of us knew our room can be very upscale!

The day a few was also an early start off of around 6: 00 AM, and again, twelve hours later, we owned into another Passport North America listed park called Lakewood ranch Gateway RV Resort next to Jasper, FL. It’s a lovely park with wide-open spots and some small cabins to rent. We only paid 20 dollars to stay at this beautiful playground and as usual, this includes normal water, sewer, and electricity. A number of parks even have Internet if you require it.

It wasn’t until eventually day four that we eventually reached our final destination, Sun-n-Shade RV resort near Tope Gorda, FL. Which only happens to be a mere 16 miles from our house. Read also: