Business Students Association Election Results: Who Won & What They Plan On Doing


The business students association election is over, and we have the results! This blog post will look at who won and what they plan on doing as BSA president. As you might have guessed, the current president, Kaitlyn Taylor, won by a wide margin. However, she outlined her plans for the next year in her victory speech which you can read below. Check back here for upcoming posts about BSA as we cover their upcoming events and happenings!

How Business Students Association Elections Work

The Business Students Association (BSA) election season is complete! The voting has concluded, and the winners are as follows:


1st Place – Athena Management LLC

2nd Place – Eventbrite Inc.

3rd Place – Entrepreneurs Organization


The BSA plans on using this election season as a stepping stone to becoming a more active and influential organization on campus. The winners have expressed their intentions to work together to improve the BSA, including increasing membership, creating more events, and creating stronger relationships with other organizations on campus. They also plan on working towards becoming an officially recognized student organization. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted!

Who WON the BEA Elections?

The Business Students Association (BSA) elections were held on Wednesday, October 25th. Four candidates were running for president, two candidates were running for vice president, and nine candidates were running for board seats. Below is a list of who won and what they plan on doing:



Katherine Chen (University of Toronto)


Vice President:

Matthew Zhou (York University)


Board Members:

David Cao (University of British Columbia), Sarah Currie (University of Ottawa), Hunter Dyson (Université de Montréal), Adam Karpovitsky (Ryerson University), Pauline Leblanc-Beaudoin (York University), Andrea Pulido-Lopez ( Universidad de Guadalajara ), Sachin Virmani( Durham College )

What They Plan on Doing With Their New Power

The Business Students Association (BSA) elections have come to a close, and with the votes tallied, it’s time to unveil who the winners are! As the largest student organization on campus, the BSA plays an essential role in education and networking for business students.


To see a complete list of winners, head over to their website. However, we’ll give you a glimpse into what each winner plans on doing with their newly won power.


First Place: Sarah Kocher


Sarah Kocher plans on using her position as president to advocate for change within the BSA. She wants to make the organization more inclusive and accessible for all students and help grow its reputation on campus. Additionally, she hopes to promote collaboration between clubs and divisions to create stronger ties between members.


Runner Up: Will Dupont


Will Dupont was runner-up for president but planned on using his new vice-president position to lead by example. He wants to use his platform to help connect business students with resources they need outside of school and work towards building a network of like-minded individuals. Additionally, he aims to create collaborations between different clubs and divisions to create even more synergy within the BSA community.


The business students association election results are in, and the current president, Naina Kesavan, will retain her seat. However, two new candidates surfaced during the campaign – Rachel Makhlouf and Eyal Lotan – who both plan on working hard to improve BSA’s services and make it an even better student organization. With so many different ideas and plans to enhance BSA, we can only wait to see what these new leaders will do next. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the election!

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