Bullfrog Spas Reviews


Choosing the right spas is a lot easier when you read reviews. You can learn about the features and benefits of a particular spa, as well as how durable the product is. You can also learn about the type of dealer who carries the spas. In addition, you can learn about how customizable the hydrotherapy experience is. Lastly, you can learn about the warranty that is offered by the company.


Designed to provide you with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, Bullfrog Spas are built using the latest design, technology, and materials. They are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Built on the company’s signature EnduraFrame(TM) support structure, Bullfrog Spas provide unparalleled durability. Unlike other hot tub frames, EnduraFrame is composed of a composite material that is waterproof and extraordinarily resistant to weathering. It also has an easy-access external drain and vents to keep unwanted pests away.

Featuring the innovative JetPak(r) Therapy System, Bullfrog Spas allows you to personalize your hydrotherapy experience. This easy-to-use modular manifold system allows you to change the intensity of massages as well as select which massage is best for you.


Designed to deliver a relaxing and restorative experience, Bullfrog Spas are built with the latest in high-tech design technology and reliable components. These are some of the most efficient and reliable hot tubs available today.

Bullfrog Spas offer a full line of premium portable spas for every style and budget. These spas are built with a 100% wood-free composite structure and include 90% less plumbing than other hot tubs.

Bullfrog Spas is known for its energy efficiency, which helps keep operating costs down. They also offer the best warranty in the industry. Bullfrog Spas are backed by a lifetime warranty on the shell structure, five years on the equipment, and three years on the cover.

Bullfrog Spas are available at many hot tub retailers throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. They also have dealerships in New Zealand, South America, and India.

Custom hydrotherapy experience

Whether you are looking for a way to relax and de-stress or you want to entertain friends, Bullfrog Spas can help you achieve a peaceful mind and a comfortable body. Unlike conventional spas, these hot tubs are re-engineered and feature the patented JetPacks Therapy System.

JetPaks are a revolutionary way to get a massage. They are designed to offer a customized experience, allowing you to choose your own message, or have it provided for you. JetPaks are included in all premium seat locations.

These spas also feature a multi-color light show. Bullfrog Spas also includes a killer sound system with Bose speakers. The sound can be changed from classical to light jazz to help enhance your experience.

The JetPak Therapy System is designed to give you the best hydrotherapy experience. You can select your favorite massage and place it in your favorite seat. Then, when you are ready to change the message, simply move it to a new location.

Substandard warranty

Besides the obvious warranty, there are a few other features to check out. For starters, Bullfrog Spas will be more than happy to replace any defective components free of charge. They also pay for freight if your spa is over seven years old. You might have to pay a reasonable travel mileage fee for the warranty service to be performed at your home.

They also have a limited warranty that includes an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Their newest line of spas comes with a warranty that covers the major mechanical components, including pumps, heaters, and filter cartridges. They also include a limited warranty for the control and ventilation system.

They also have a limited warranty for their most technologically advanced spas, including the Bullfrog Spas iQ, iQ Plus, and iQ Pro. They have a limited warranty on their proprietary EnduraFrame for the life of the original retail purchaser. They also have a limited warranty on their signature stainless steel jet faces.

Dealer Locator

Whenever you’re looking for a hot tub in New Jersey, look no further than Bullfrog Spas. These spas have all the best features to offer a luxurious and relaxing experience. They’re also some of the most energy-efficient spas on the market.

Bullfrog Spas is a reputable company, so you can rest assured that your new hot tub is going to be well-built and have quality materials. These spas come with industry-leading warranty programs, too. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting a new spa if something were to happen to it.

Bullfrog Spas also offers a range of custom spas. These can be personalized with the help of the company’s SpaDesign software. They can also be fitted with an adjustable lighting package to make your spa even more enjoyable.