Breville Juice Fountain Review


In this Breville Juice Fountain Review, we’ll discuss the benefits of this high-speed centrifugal juicer and how it performs. We’ll discuss whether it can handle green leafy vegetables and how easy it is to disassemble and clean. We’ll also cover its cons, including its flimsy construction and lack of efficiency in making juice from green leafy vegetables. If you’re looking for a high-quality juicer at an affordable price, we recommend the Breville JE98XL.

Breville JE98XL is a high-speed centrifugal juicer.

If you’re looking for a high-speed juicer, you can’t go wrong with the Breville JE98XL. This model boasts a fast-acting blade system that quickly crushes produce, avoiding unnecessary pulp. Low heat generated from the cutting blades helps preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. While some centrifugal juicers produce a large amount of foam, the Breville JE98XL is quiet, with only a slight hum from the motor. Its BPA-free plastic components and stainless steel exterior make it a great choice for home use.

The Breville JE98XL juicer has a 1-liter juice capacity, a froth separator, and a micro-mesh filter basket. It measures 16 inches wide, nine inches deep, and 17 inches tall. To clean it, rinse the removable parts in hot water. Once they are clean, you can use them again as often as necessary. While they can be cleaned in the dishwasher, some parts will require manual assembly.

One of the best aspects of the Breville JE98XL is its low price. The machine is a budget-friendly option for home use and can squeeze large quantities of juice while leaving behind the semi-dry pulp. However, it has a few drawbacks. Its high-speed motor may cause oxidation and breakdown of nutrients. A centrifugal juicer produces frothy juice, which can be unappealing to some people.

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus features an 850-watt motor and dual speeds. This juicer can reach speeds of 6,500 RPM, ideal for soft fruits, while the higher speeds are designed for denser produce. It features an extra-wide 3.3-inch feeding chute to squeeze fruit and vegetables. Its froth separator makes for pulp-free juice. A durable stainless-steel safety arm and the titanium-reinforced disc give it a smoother texture.

This juicer has a two-speed system to choose your desired speed. The Breville JE98XL operates at 850 rpm, which is considerably higher than the 750-watt motor of the JE98XL. Despite its higher speed, it’s not as quiet as the JE98XL, also made of stainless steel.

It is easy to clean

The Breville Juice Fountain is designed for easy cleaning. The rounded parts of the Juice Fountain make it easy to remove any buildup. Sharp designs are notorious for allowing food to collect in gaps. The Juice Fountain Plus comes with a cleaning brush for a quick and easy cleanup. Cleaning this juicer will also extend the life of your Breville Juice Fountain. This juicer comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Breville Juice Fountain is dishwasher-safe. While the juicer is dishwasher-safe, the juice cover and food pusher must be hand-washed. The juicer also comes with a small cleaning brush, which helps remove small bits from the mesh filter grate. Clean-up time was less than five minutes. The Breville Juice Fountain is dishwasher-safe, making it an excellent choice for busy families.

The Breville Juice Fountain Compact is also very easy to use. This unit has a three-component design, a simple on/off button, and a 3-inch wide chute. It is designed to work with large pieces of fruit or vegetables while making small pieces of juice. The Breville Juice Fountain Compact is a solid performer, though it doesn’t save counter space in any significant way.

Cleaning the juicer is as simple as pressing the “reset” button on your Breville Juice Fountain. You can use a vinegar-water solution to clean the juicer. A 50:50 solution of water and bleach will work to clean the juicer. However, you should remove any seeds or debris that may be blocking the filter. It is best to clean the Breville Juice Fountain regularly to prevent clogging.

It is easy to disassemble.

If you’re looking for a juicer that’s easy to clean, you’ve come to the right place. The Breville Juice Fountain is dishwasher safe, which is an important feature if you regularly wash fruits and vegetables. The Breville Juice Fountain’s components are also easy to disassemble for cleaning. The unit comes with a cleaning brush, which you can use to scrape the pulp from the inner bowl.

Before cleaning, you must turn the juicer off and keep your hands and clothes away from it. Also, you should avoid using it on fruit with pits. Also, you should often check the appliance for damage to prevent it from working properly. If you find any damage, contact Breville Customer Support, or visit an authorized Breville Service Center. You can also contact Breville Consumer Support if unsure how to clean the unit.

This Breville Juice Fountain has a good design and silver base. It features a clear pulp chamber and measures 10.4 x 7.4 inches. It’s also very compact and easy to keep on the kitchen counter. The Breville Juice Fountain is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be stored easily. The juicer has a three-part design, with a power cord that wraps around the base feet and a large clear plastic jug that fits neatly under the juice outlet.

Cleaning the Breville Juice Fountain is simple. Just remove the pulp cup, and wash it under running water to remove any wet pulp. You can also put the parts in the dishwasher. The juice jug and Nutri Disc (TM) are dishwasher-safe, as are the removable parts. You can wipe the base of the juice fountain with a damp cloth. And once the Juice Fountain is clean, you can disassemble the components.

It is not efficient for green leafy vegetables.

Despite being able to juice soft fruits, a Breville Juice Fountain Plus is less than ideal for green leafy vegetables. The Breville Juice Fountain Plus’s motor speed worries many juicer owners. This juicer does not work well with green leafy vegetables such as kale, dandelion greens, and other hard-to-juice vegetables. For those concerned about green leafy vegetable juice production, the JE98XL is a better choice.

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus’s dual-speed motor can produce about 30 percent more juice than comparable appliances. A cutting disc surrounded by a micro-mesh filter ensures maximum juice extraction, while the feeder chute is 3 inches wide, allowing for larger produce. The JE98XL’s froth separator makes the process quicker and easier. It is available in various sizes and has a 30-year limited warranty.