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Agenda-setting theory contends that media attention to any issue influences public responses and attitudes. COVID-19-related news articles were classified into alarmist, neutral, and reassuring categories for examination to explore this further.

Daily Post

Nigeria has approved a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to address rising health concerns, increasing prices by up to 20% and helping curb consumption that leads to obesity and other related ailments. This latest step by the government is designed to combat sugar addiction as part of their ongoing effort to combat obesity and associated diseases.

Armed groups known as bandits have caused havoc across Nigeria’s northwest region, killing and kidnapping people and destroying property. Some state governments have attempted amnesty deals that resulted in pardons for criminal acts committed by bandits; most attempts have failed. Furthermore, Nigeria’s central government launched airstrikes against their camps and shut down telecom networks to disrupt communication among them.

In 2021, tensions escalated between Boko Haram and ISWAP Lake Chad (an offshoot of militant Islamist insurgency ISWAP), both factions competing for territory in northeast Nigeria. By December, thousands had become homeless as a result of these conflicts.

Nigeria’s Nollywood film industry, famous for low-budget soap operas and romantic comedies, is transitioning into an action-drama powerhouse. A new generation of filmmakers are leading this charge and bringing Nigeria into global focus – but can they do it on a tight budget?

Premium Times

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous and economic nation, plays an essential role in Africa’s development, yet rising insecurity and violent conflicts threaten to undo years of progress toward more democratic societies.

Nigeria is facing a longstanding Islamist insurgency and militia activity known as banditry that continues to destabilize the country. Organized political violence by these groups resulted in over 9,900 reported fatalities during 2021 alone, an increase of 22% year over year, according to ACLED’s research. These security threats from these armed groups have been compounded by simmering separatist agitations from Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the southeast and Yoruba nation in the southwest, respectively.

Nigeria’s government recently banned Twitter in Nigeria due to “inappropriate, offensive or defamatory content.” This move was widely criticized by citizens and rights groups who accused the government of infringing upon fundamental freedoms. As well, an increasing number of protests against police brutality have been met with military responses that often appear heavy-handed and extreme. Video footage showed security forces restraining several dozen individuals inside a bus with their hands tied behind their backs, resembling the bay torture technique. The video has since been taken down from social media, yet not before being widely disseminated. This incident marks one in a string of high-profile examples of police repression by Nigeria’s police force – which has come under increased scrutiny following allegations of corruption and abuse of power by their officers.

Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award

The Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award, introduced in 2010, is an awards ceremony that honors broadcasters who have made exceptional contributions to media development in Nigeria. Additionally, this competition promotes excellence in broadcasting by opening it up to members and non-members of the Nigerian Broadcasters Association (BON).

TVC News won the Television Station of the Year title at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards held on Saturday, February 27, in Abuja. Other winners included Nigeria Info as Radio Station of the Year and TVC as Employer of the Year. This marks only the second time this awards ceremony has occurred outside Lagos; five were hosted there instead. Celebrities like Charly Boy, Isaac & Nneka Moses from Goge Africa, and Denrele Edun attended it.

Mr John Ugbe, President of the BON, unveiled the Awards at a press conference held in Lagos on Tuesday. According to him, this initiative aimed at encouraging practitioners in broadcast space who provide daily information dissemination, public enlightenment, and entertainment services. Furthermore, its logo- a woman holding a star- symbolized its fertility and role as a midwife between government and society.

Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize is an esteemed trophy awarded annually by Columbia University’s School of Journalism in New York. Widely considered to be one of the highest honors in journalism, and exclusive to one publication alone. Established in 1917 and named for newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, its existence recognizes journalistic excellence throughout many nations around the globe.

On April 16 at Columbia’s Low Library, Pulitzer Prize winners were revealed during a ceremony hosted by Pulitzer administrator Marjorie Miller and an esteemed panel of judges, such as Pulitzer-winning journalists and Marjorie herself. Entries included several stories about Yemeni violence, Europe’s migration crisis, Ukraine war stories, and the Supreme Court ruling regarding abortion rights.

In the National Reporting category, Reuters journalists Libby George, Paul Carsten, and David Lewis earned recognition for their extensive coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and their series, Nightmare in Nigeria – which exposed systematic forced abortions and targeted killings by Nigeria’s military.

The National Medical and Molecular Agency’s award system suffers from several procedural flaws that render its outcomes meaningless. Entry procedures do not include requirements that entrants demonstrate their impact on society by, for instance, noting possible policy changes resulting from their work.

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