Boyish Jeans Review


Whether you are considering purchasing a pair of Boyish Jeans or not, you will be interested to learn about the company’s techniques and industry standards. These include water consumption, deadstock fabrics, and the Oeko-Tex standard. In addition, Boyish Jeans can be found at big box retailers like Anthropology, which supports a more sustainable fashion industry. Read on to find out more! After reading our Boyish Jeans Review, you will be better equipped to decide if this brand is right for you.


The brand Boyish was founded by Jordan Nodarse, who left Reformation to start his denim company. He is committed to sustainable manufacturing, so he created jeans with eco-friendly fabrics that fit women’s bodies. Boyish uses ethical manufacturing practices in Thailand to ensure high-quality denim. Nodarse oversees every step of production to ensure the jeans are made with the highest standards possible.

The company is also committed to social responsibility and uses sustainable and ethical practices in its manufacturing process. Its clothing is environmentally-friendly and offers a high-end aesthetic. The brand’s price tag reflects its environmental responsibility and social commitment to sustainability. It also supports the community using sustainable materials such as bamboo and hemp. The company’s jeans are also sold in reusable packing boxes, which helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The brand launched with jeans and has since expanded into other clothing items. For example, the Smith Sunset Park Pant showcases the company’s eco-friendly vibe with a classic and stylish look. These pants are made from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled material. The price of the jeans is determined at checkout, and it is worth mentioning that these eco-friendly jeans are available for $168. They are available in various colours and materials and will cost you just $168.


This Boyish Jeans fit review will cover some of the features you can expect from this denim. They are designed with a high waist, cropped length, and button fly. We hope that this Boyish Jeans fit review has been helpful. However, it is important to remember that the brand does not fit everyone the same way, so we recommend buying a pair of jeans that fit your body type and style.

For the fit of Boyish jeans, we suggest sizing up one size larger. The Kirby style has a high waist and a slim fit. The hem is finished thickly. This style has no front pockets, but it sucks everything in where you want it to be. The Kirby jeans are perfect if you don’t like tight jeans. The style is not clingy or uncomfortable.

Boyish was founded in 2018 by Jordan Nodarse, a former employee of Reformation. Jordan Nodarse is passionate about promoting sustainable manufacturing. Using recycled water for the production process, Boyish denim is carbon neutral. Furthermore, they use less water than typical denim manufacturers. The brand also offers financing through Klarna. The overall experience of this brand has been very positive. This company is poised to grow sustainably over the years.

A sustainable label is also another selling point for these jeans. The eco-friendly credentials of Boyish Jeans are impressive. The jeans are manufactured using recycled cotton, which reduces carbon footprint and water consumption. Additionally, the company also uses recycled hangtags and hardware. It’s not surprising that the Boyish brand has been featured on many eco-friendly websites. It’s easy to see why Boyish jeans have gained so much attention among consumers.


Sustainable denim is important, and Boyish is committed to being one of the most environmentally friendly brands. Their commitment to sustainability is evident by their use of recycled cotton and REFIBRA, a blend of upcycled fashion scraps. Their production practices also minimize their impact on the environment. They also use low-impact dyes and recyclable hangtags. All Boyish products are shipped free within the United States. And while they’re not completely organic, they’re still a great choice for conscious denim lovers.

The brand’s sustainability efforts are impressive. For example, 20% of its product line is made with deadstock fabrics, which saves valuable energy and reduces carbon emissions. The company also uses recycled buttons, plastic bottles, and compostable polybags to package their products. In addition, Boyish is a member of 1% For the Planet, which ensures that at least one per cent of its profits is donated to environmental charities.

Boyish has an impressive list of achievements to boast about. As a sustainable women’s denim brand, the company has a high environmental rating and has implemented many eco-friendly practices. It uses many recycled materials, modern fibres, and water-efficient manufacturing methods. It also recycles all offcuts, uses less water and minimises its environmental impact. And the company is committed to offering affordable and comfortable denim to a diverse range of consumers.

To make their products sustainable, Boyish has joined 1% for the Planet and is a member of OneTreePlanted. Every purchase will help plant a tree. Its partners with the B Corp have a similar commitment. Despite its global status, however, they’re making efforts to make its products more environmentally friendly. By 2030, they will have employed 750 people, reduced their water usage by fifty-seven per cent, and given back AUD 250K to local communities.

While traditional denim production methods are not sustainable, denim is one of the most widely-purchased clothing categories worldwide. The denim industry significantly impacts the environment and workers, but companies are making efforts to reduce these effects by using innovative new technologies. By 2015, sales of denim are predicted to reach $65 billion. Ultimately, a sustainable denim company is the most eco-friendly choice for your next pair of jeans.

Return policy

The Boyish Jeans return policy allows customers to exchange or return their items easily. Customers can return their products for a refund within 30 days of purchasing them. To receive a refund, customers must first follow the return policy. They can also consult the FAQ page. The FAQ includes answers to common questions such as “How do I return my Boyish Jeans?” and “Why don’t Boyish Jeans work?”

Members of the Boyish Jeans website receive a free membership. You will receive a discount code as a welcome gift upon signing up. You will also receive a newsletter containing a coupon code and popular items. When you sign up for the newsletter, you will be among the first to know about any useful discounts or benefits. You can also follow Boyish Jeans on social media to get details about their promotions.

Aside from offering a return policy, the brand supports sustainability by using recycled water and natural plant dyes. The company also uses a non-toxic, water-based dye that uses one-third the water typical jeans use. Moreover, the company recycles all of their hangtags, hardware, and polybags to help the environment. Hence, you can be sure that the quality of your Boyish Jeans is top-notch.

Another benefit of Boyish Jeans is the quality of their denim. The jeans are made of recycled cotton and are designed for a comfortable fit. They also use Refriba technology, which converts waste in the fashion industry into the usable fibre. This material comes from the eucalyptus tree and retails for $168. Buying Boyish jeans will give you the confidence to buy more clothes.