Bondi Green Menu


Bondi Green in Paddington is an industrial-chic canalside bar and restaurant. Its design is characterized by exposed pipework and exposed concrete. The restaurant, designed by Run for the Hills, uses the ground floor of the Brunel Building to significant effect. The interior includes a marble-topped concrete bar, patterned velvet seats, hanging plants, and plenty of natural light. You can also enjoy views of the Grand Union Canal.

Nicola Lamb’s bakery at Bondi Green

Nicola Lamb runs the bakery at Bondi Green. The bakery is an extension of her renowned Puff restaurant. The Bondi Green branch overlooks Paddington Basin. The cafe has a marble bar, a six-meter BBQ, and plush booth seating. It also features an interactive wall hanging and outdoor tables overlooking the Grand Union Canal. The restaurant is set to open a heated rooftop terrace in the future.

Nicola Lamb, the founder of London bakery Puff, has joined forces with the Bondi Green bakery to create special brunch menus around her beloved Puff. The menu is a mix of Australian favorites, including her signature Sunday Lunch. The beef here is 45-day dry-aged, while the lamb is 100% corn-fed and comes from a family butcher. The menu includes fermented mushroom vegan wellington and a selection of fresh-baked Yorkshires. The double-hung windows and heated outdoor seating create the perfect canalside setting for brunch.

The restaurant’s focus on brunches

Brunch is a popular meal for many people, especially during the weekend. This meal often features special foods, such as Belgian waffles and Hollandaise sauce. However, it is not without its critics. One California critic wrote in a restaurant review that she felt like Oliver Twist waiting in line for a table during a brunch. Anthony Bourdain has also criticized brunch as being served by some of the worst chefs in the industry and being too expensive.

Brunch should be a great experience. This means starting with the highest quality ingredients possible. It should also offer various options to cater to various dietary requirements and preferences. Brunch should be affordable, as well. The restaurant’s focus on brunches should not distract from the menu’s other offerings.