Blast Box Game Review


Blast Box is an exciting game of skill, daring, and courage for two or more players that requires both speed and agility to survive! Any misstep can put an end to play – until only one remains. THE WINNER!!! Read the Best info about بازی انفجار.

Setup and gameplay in seconds! Comes complete with an easy balloon inflator and reusable cardboard tie clips.


Blast Box is an exciting, fast-paced game of daring and courage for two or more players that sets up in seconds and is easy to play. Players take turns spinning a spinner to determine how many pins they must hammer into the explosive blast box; one wrong move and you’re out! Play continues until one player remains standing – THE WINNER! Similar to roulette games, each turn begins by spinning the roulette with instructions provided before following those instructions to determine how many pins need to be hammered into it, and then finally exiting from this board when the bomb goes off!

Super Smash Bros Brawl features the Blast Box as an explosive item that most characters can throw, although it is difficult to hit its target due to a strong knockback and dangerous proximity when it explodes. Attacks may damage it until it reaches a specific threshold before it goes off; additionally, it is susceptible to fire attribute techniques like Ness’ PK Fire and Charizard’s flamethrower, which have proven deadly against it.

Blast Box was an action-adventure video game developed and published by Rare for Nintendo 64, released as one of their critically acclaimed series, including Blast Corps. Selling over 1 Million copies worldwide and receiving rave reviews, Blast Box was included in Rare Replay (2015) as one of their classic games compilation.


Blast Box is an exciting, fast-paced game of skill, daring, and courage for two or more players. With each turn, players inflate one balloon per turn and drop it inside the Blast Box; whatever number of pins it lands on indicates how many nails must be driven into its combustible base to secure victory! Any incorrect move ends the game immediately! Play continues until only one player remains as the victor – THE WINNER.

Blast Box can be set up quickly and is simple to play: players inflate a balloon, place it inside the blast box, select their starting player, spin the spinner to determine how many pins need hammering in, and follow any instructions given on how many to hammer in at once. But be careful: puncturing or bursting balloons means game over!

Players must accurately predict how many pins they’ll require as the number in the box varies and can be challenging to see inside of it. Throw the box by any character, and it has typical fire properties, so it can explode quickly when hit with flame-based attacks, creating great vertical knockback and potentially killing any players too close to it. It even features a warning labeled with large letters reading “DANGER!” as a warning against getting too close!


The Blast Box (Bao Yao Xiang; bakuyaku bako) is an explosive box featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4. Resembling an ordinary crate with a fire hazard warning label on it, it contains an explosive compound that detonates when hit, creating great vertical knockback. While containing combustible material makes this item dangerously flammable, players with high invincibility levels and attacks that have fire can safely avoid touching it to remain safe; those with high invincibility levels or attacks that feature fire attributes should remain cautious while dealing with it.

This item can be hit with most melee attacks except the down smash throw but is more easily dismantled by projectiles or attacks that deal damage based on their angle of attack. Furthermore, its explosive properties can be harnessed through specific moves like Charizard’s Dragon Breath move; detonation can occur even without physical contact between opponents.

One set includes one blast box, hammer, balloon inflator, 30 pins, spinner, and 100 balloons for use by two to four players aged four or above. Also features an easy tie clip for fast setup!


Blast Box is an exhilarating game of skill, daring, and courage that requires two to four players to participate. Each player inflates a balloon before placing it inside the Blast Box before taking turns spinning its roulette-style spinner; whatever number it lands on will determine how many pins the player must hammer into its combustible box before their mistake ends their turn in this fast-paced competition! But one wrong move and you could find yourself out! Continuing spinning may mean getting more pins into this explosive box while players try their best to hammer in as many pins as possible before time runs out and their turn ends.

The blast box can produce an explosion that does significant damage, devastating enemies and destructible parts of the stage alike. Aim your jump or down smash throw at it quickly to avoid it; invincibility/super armor characters won’t experience any effects from its explosion either!

The Blast Box is an exciting and entertaining game perfect for family game night. It encourages hand-eye coordination while inspiring creativity among young players, making this set ideal for kids of all ages – from young teens to adults! Each set contains 1 Blast Box, 1 Hammer, 1 Balloon Inflator, 30 P, ins, and 1 Spin, as well as 100 balloons; setup is straightforward for maximum family entertainment.

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