Best Ways to Learn Python


If you’re just starting to learn the ropes of programming in Python, the best way to learn is to do small, daily coding exercises. This way, you’ll get a good understanding of how different concepts work. Fortunately, there are many free beginner exercises online.

Live online classes

There are several benefits to taking live online Python classes. For one, you can be sure that the teacher is an expert. In addition, you can also learn more about the Python language by watching video tutorials. These videos can also help you understand Python’s syntax.

Unlike traditional classroom courses, live online Python classes are delivered by video. You’ll need a good internet connection to take part in the course. You may also need an IDE or another program to help create and run your code. Some courses also provide a recommended textbook or reading list. One popular textbook is Head First Python, a simple but comprehensive introduction to Python.


The best way to learn Python is to build something, whether it is a website or an app. This way, you will get hands-on experience and develop good habits. Creating and contributing to open source projects will also build your confidence and portfolio. But there are some things to keep in mind before you get started.

The course offers 39 video lectures that cover the basics of Python. You will learn about data structures, loops, functions, and control flow. You can also participate in interactive quizzes and projects. The course also includes a portfolio project and an ASCII art project. It takes about 30 hours to complete. This course is recommended for beginners and is rated four stars by over 4,000 students.


If you are new to coding, Hackbright offers a unique mentorship program where students are paired with software engineers from top companies to help them build their applications. The program includes one-on-one interview practice and field trips where students can get a natural feel for what a software engineer does. Each student is paired with a mentor to help them with personal projects, career queries, and anxieties. The mentors will also advise on work-life balance.

Hackbright Academy is an all-female coding Bootcamp in San Francisco that specializes in teaching Python. The course focuses on building foundational Python skills so students can apply them to various tech careers. Many students who have graduated from Hackbright go on to land jobs at leading tech companies.

Google’s Python Class

One of the best ways to learn Python is by taking a free course through Google’s Python Class. This course consists of videos and written materials introducing you to programming language basics. It also has plenty of code exercises. These exercises begin with the basics of Python and move on to more extensive programs that deal with text files, processes, and HTTP connections. While the material may not be as comprehensive as a paid course, it is a great way to get your Python skills up to speed.

The class contains three parts, linked on the left, which teach Python basics. The first section focuses on setting up your computer and installing Python. The following section is called Python Strings, and you’ll go through some coding exercises. The course also includes a video lecture. The videos show the basics of Python and its strings and the first exercises. The course is organized into day one and two sections, and a free seven-day trial is available.

Microsoft’s Introduction to Python

Microsoft’s Introduction to Python is an excellent course for those without prior programming experience. The course is hands-on and teaches the basic concepts of Python, such as layers and functions. It also introduces the use of Jupyter Notebooks, an interactive coding environment. After completing the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop machine learning apps and automate processes on their PC.

This course is a project-based course taught by a Microsoft senior manager for programming. The instructors walk students through live coding with every lecture and provide a coded notebook for students to follow along with. The course does not assume previous programming experience but requires a strong interest in the subject and a passion for learning Python.

If you are a beginner, the best way to learn Python is to get started on and start building projects. This way, you’ll get practical experience and develop good habits. It’s also a great way to build your portfolio and gain confidence. Once you’ve built a few projects, it’s time to move on to more complex projects.

Python is a high-level language that Guido van Rossum designed. It is object-oriented and interactive and supports a variety of libraries. It is also open source, making it free to use and distribute.