Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Choosing the best pokemon in Pokemon Go can be a tricky process. It depends on the player’s personality and preferences. It’s a lot of fun to collect Pokémon, but it can be frustrating if you’re not sure which ones to collect. Here are a few tips to help you decide.


Despite being the best gym defender, Blissey has a relatively poor moveset and attack power. This makes it hard for Blissey to compete in the PvP world. However, there are a few moves and items that Blissey can use to help boost its chances of winning a battle.

Blissey has some impressive stats, including 255 HP, a base 10 Defense, and a 135 Special Attack. The Hyper Beam is a great move for Blissey to use in battle. This move does a lot of damage and can help Blissey survive long enough to defeat its opponents.

Blissey also has some good coverage moves. It can resist Ghost-type attacks and Fairy-type attacks. It also has two Psychic-type attacks. It can also use Leftovers and Shed Shells for extra recovery. However, it can be easily defeated by a Fighting-type Pokemon.


Known as one of the best Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo is a powerful attacker. Pokemon Go, is also one of the most difficult to catch. Mewtwo’s catch rate is just one in twenty. However, Mewtwo is a powerful Pokemon and can be very useful in PvP and PvE. It is also a great choice for five-star raids.

Mewtwo has a large range of Charged Attacks. Some of its best moves include the Shadow Ball, Fast Attack Confusion, and Ice Beam. In addition, Mewtwo also has access to the Psychic-type move Psystrike. These move combinations make Mewtwo one of the best Pokemon in the game.


Whether you’re in the Master League or you’re a beginner, Togekiss is one of the best Pokemon to have in your collection. It is a Fairy type, which means that it is resistant to Dark, Fighting, and Grass-type moves. It is also a good counter to Dragon-types and Fighting types. However, its stats are below average.

Togekiss has a low Attack stat, which makes it vulnerable to Steel-type Pokemon. It has a good Special Defense, though. It also has extra Ground-type resistance.

Togekiss can use Heal Bell to heal Toxic poison. However, this is a weak move, as it can also slow down energy generation. It can also be a hindrance to Steel and Fire Pokemon, as it can reduce the amount of energy that they can generate.


Whether you’re playing Pokemon Go or just watching the Pokemon World Tournament, you’ve probably seen Avalugg. If you’re looking for a great Pokemon to battle in the Master League, this may be the one you want to pick.

Avalugg is an Ice-type Pokemon. It is resistant to Fire, Rock, and Water moves, but weak against Fighting moves. It is best used in the Master League, where its high stats make it a powerful opponent. In Battle League, however, it is weak against Steel moves. Fortunately, its high Defense stat helps it withstand longer battles.

Avalugg has a unique move set. Its ice fang can hit vulnerable opponents, and it can swim through icebergs and mountains. It also has two charged moves, avalanche and body slam.


Among the many Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, Machamp is one of the best. It is a Fighting type Pokemon with a lot of versatility, as it is able to perform various charge moves. These include Dynamic Punch, Cross Chop, and Close Combat.

Machamp is a great fighter, as it is capable of delivering massive damage with the right moves. Machamp also has a strong defensive stat and can resist the majority of Dark and Rock-type attacks. However, Machamp is a bit vulnerable to Psychic and Fairy attacks, as well as Flying and Bug-type attacks.

Machamp also has a strong attack stat. This makes it an ideal choice for PvE gameplay. However, Machamp is not necessarily the best choice for a PvP battle.


Among the many Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Rhydon is one of the most popular Ground types. This powerful Pokemon has a great Attack stat and solid bulk. With an Elite TM, Rhydon can learn Megahorn, which has 110 base power and 50 damage.

However, Rhydon is a bit vulnerable to common opponents. The best counters are Pokemon with strong Water or Grass moves.

Taking advantage of Rhydon’s weaknesses is the key to defeating this Pokemon. Water and Grass types have a high advantage against Rhydon’s weak Ground and Fighting types.

If you are looking for the best moves to use against Rhydon, try Mud Slap and Stone Edge. These two moves are strong and work well together. The combination of the two moves gives Rhydon STAB, which is important.