Best Anesthesiologists in Aurangabad


Anesthesiologists are doctors trained in administering anesthetic medications before, during, and after surgical procedures. Additionally, they monitor a patient’s vital signs to adjust the anesthesia as needed.

An experienced anesthesiologist can make all the difference in your comfort during surgery. Select someone with extensive expertise and knowledge, so you’re well-informed before beginning surgery.

Dr. Santpure Shivkumar

Dr. Santpure Shivkumar is an esteemed anesthesiologist in Aurangabad, India, currently practicing at Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital. His specialization includes treating medical conditions affecting the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, hematological/endocrine systems, and other related areas.

He performs surgeries in operating theatres equipped with laminar airflow and specialized equipment for replacement surgery. Additionally, he offers a wide range of orthopedic treatments like joint replacement, knock knee correction, congenital hand deformities, limb lengthening/reconstruction, Ilizarov surgery, club foot treatment, and hip arthroscopy.

He has been practicing for over ten years and has extensive expertise in musculoskeletal disorders. His practice has earned him a stellar reputation for its world-class results; he regularly attends conferences to stay abreast of new techniques.

Dr. Harshlata Ladda

Dr. Harshlata Ladda is a gynecologist from Aurangabad who practices at Samarth Hospital, Garkheda, in Aurangabad. She received her MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Medical College in Aurangabad and completed her DGO from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Mumbai.

She is a certified practitioner with years of experience providing excellent patient care. With expertise in treating infertility, she can offer patients effective solutions.

She specializes in fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, and Test Tube Babies. She offers online and face-to-face consultations; additionally, she accepts most major health insurance plans and mediclaim policies.

Dr. Mrigaya Rhaina

Mrigaya Rhaina is one of the finest anesthesiologists in Aurangabad, with over 12 years of experience. Her knowledge and skill at neo-anesthesia-based procedures make her highly sought after among gynecologists for their proficiency and experience in operating rooms. An enthusiastic member of IMA with all necessary insurance coverage, Mrigaya Rhaina has become well-known for her ability to identify appropriate patients quickly. Additionally, as an accomplished surgeon, she performs many surgical procedures like laparoscopic surgery, hysterectomy (abstract and vaginal), ovarian resection, and many more.

Dr. R B Bhagwat

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Bhagwat served as an honorary physician at BJ Medical College, Pune. Born August 20, 1930, in Indore and graduating with his MBBS and MD degrees in 1953 and 1956, he joined Government Medical College Aurangabad in 1961 as Reader in Medicine before being promoted to professor and head of the Medicine department in 1966.

He was an inspiring teacher and astute clinician, having trained hundreds of students nationwide and abroad. He made a lasting contribution to medicine, health care, and culture – passing away on January 24th at 92 years old.

Dr. P Y Mulay

Dr. P Y Mulay is one of the premier anesthesiologists in Aurangabad, providing specialized medical care to those suffering from various health conditions. With 19 years of experience and renowned expertise, he has earned himself a place of honor. Dr. Mulay works closely with several hospitals and offers treatments for heart attacks, high blood pressure, back pain, fever, and diabetes.

He is proficient in treating neurological, hematological, and endocrine diseases. He is well known for his genuine guidance and excellent assistance to patients. You can book an appointment with him by calling or visiting his clinic near Tilak Nagar Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Consultation fees vary based on the doctor’s experience and what mode of treatment you select.