Baptist Health MyChart


Baptist Health myChart provides easy and secure online access to your medical records, making it possible to view test results, refill prescriptions, and communicate with physicians – plus pay your bill!

MyChart can also help you eCheck-in before your appointment, saving time at your visit by updating insurance, medication, and allergy details, filling out questionnaires, and signing documents electronically.

It’s easy to use

Baptist Health myChart is an intuitive patient portal that simplifies healthcare for you and others. Available on both computers and mobile devices, myChart enables users to quickly view test results, schedule appointments, receive prescription renewals, and communicate directly with physicians for answers within days. You can even set up proxy accounts to manage healthcare for another individual, such as an aging parent or child.

Registering for myChart can be done through Baptist Health’s website or by calling their customer service number. For easier mobile access, download and install their MyChart app from Apple or Android stores before signing in with your username and password to gain entry to your account.

MyChart is a free, secure online tool designed to manage your medical records from Baptist Health and any other healthcare provider with whom you have given permission. Through MyChart, you can view lab results, request appointment refills, and communicate directly with physicians through its secure message center. Furthermore, MyChart lets you upload personal health and fitness data collected via Apple Health to share with healthcare providers.

MyChart also makes registering for labor and delivery at one of the Baptist hospitals easier, helping speed up hospital admissions. You can pay your clinic visit copays online using credit cards to make convenient electronic payments. Electronic signatures can also be provided. With eCheck-in, the check-in process can be completed from home before visiting a clinic, saving time and effort when you arrive there. With MyChart location tracking enabled, MyChart automatically signs you in when arriving at any Baptist clinic and allows you to download visit summaries/receipts onto your computer and smartphone for future records.

It’s convenient

MyChart is a free patient portal from Baptist Health that centralizes your medical records into one accessible location. MyChart makes accessing your lab results, appointment info, video visits with providers, and current medications easier from any computer, tablet, or mobile device – and makes scheduling future and canceled appointments seamless and straightforward!

To take full advantage of myChart features, an internet connection and web browser that supports cookies are necessary. For maximum efficiency when using these features on a mobile device, download myBaptistHealth for maximum benefit – this app also helps find care nearby, research providers, and much more!

Review test results and request prescription refills online, send messages directly to your doctor or nurse practitioner with questions or concerns or even have virtual face-to-face visits using myE-Visit/myVideo Visit features.

MyChart offers patients a secure way to share their medical records with family or spouses by granting proxy access. However, if you decide to change this access level, a MyChart Proxy Revocation Form must be submitted immediately if desired. Maintaining the security of both user name and password information is crucial; should there be any indications that an account has been compromised, immediate change should occur to secure any potential security risks.

Using myChart as a patient portal allows healthcare providers to connect with you via a private and secure HIPAA-compliant connection so that you can schedule appointments, message doctors, and make payments easily using this secure portal. In addition to scheduling appointments and communicating with doctors through myChart, myBaptistHealth provides information and resources.

MyChart can also be accessed through the myBaptistHealth mobile app, providing health in the palm of your hand with tools such as electronic appointment reminders and mobile e-check-in. Available for iPhone and Android users alike, myBaptistHealth provides 24/7 virtual care and close-to-home care with local provider search functionality and excuse letters without disclosing clinical details.

It’s secure

MyChart offers you a secure and private way to manage your healthcare online, providing access to medical records from any location and communication between yourself and your physician – you can send messages, request refills, and schedule appointments through this portal. MyChart’s intuitive design makes using it both straightforward and user-friendly; all it requires to get started is an activation code – available online or by following a link on a billing statement – then log in and begin managing healthcare!

MyChart makes it easy for busy individuals to access test results quickly. This feature can be particularly beneficial if your doctor takes longer to contact or write back than anticipated. However, some pathology, cytopathology, and diagnostic imaging tests cannot be seen via mobile.

Baptist Health MyChart is a free patient portal that makes accessing electronic medical records convenient, reliable, and user-friendly – it works across any computer, smartphone, or tablet device and even allows video visits with physicians!

This system offers numerous advantages to both patients and providers alike. You can communicate directly and efficiently with your provider while cutting down on paperwork; insurance companies rely on this information to process claims.

MyChart offers the option of pre-registering for labor and delivery, which saves both you and your doctor time and hassle. Register several weeks before your due date online or by calling your clinic to use this service.

MyChart can be an invaluable tool in keeping up with your health, whether finding answers quickly or scheduling appointments. Additionally, sending a message directly to your physician through MyChart offers another alternative to phone calls or office visits.