Backyard Football Online


Backyard football can be an engaging and accessible way for children to begin engaging in sports. Play can take place under any set of rules that are agreed upon among friends, but before starting, a set of guidelines must be established beforehand. Get the Best information about qq dewa.

Players take on the roles of famous NFL players while still children in this action-packed sports video game, striving to lead their teams to Cereal Bowl glory.


Backyard Football Online is an arcade game and GBA emulator that enables you to experience this classic video game right from your computer browser. Compatible with all modern browsers and completely free, Backyard Football offers an ideal way to experience this classic title on PCs everywhere!

Backyard football, often known as street or backyard football, is an informal variant of American football primarily played by youths without formal leagues and training programs. It typically involves limited participants using less standard rules and equipment and does not usually include full tackling; its lack of chain crew restrictions encourages passing plays over running ones, unlike touch football variants; however, backyard football usually requires four downs in succession to win the game.

Within the game, players can create new offensive and defensive plays in either the Change Playbook or Make Play menus of this game, respectively. Internally, 32 offensive (both rushing and passing) plays (16 each) are already included, as well as 48 defensive ones for users to choose from.

The game features both single-player exhibition match mode and season mode, allowing the player to select their coach name and settings before choosing from one of 31 real NFL teams to form their team. There are also kid versions of professional footballers to choose from, as well as an expansive backyard in which to play. It is Humongous Entertainment’s sixth entry into their Backyard Football series.


Backyard football is an informal version of American football primarily played by children, typically youth, in everyday settings and environments. Touch football is separate from touch football, which does not involve full tackling and is generally played at school yards; backyard football games tend to follow similar rules to regular NFL matches.

Prior to beginning a game, teams must be assigned evenly in terms of number of players and skill level. Furthermore, setting ground rules and time frames (for instance, until dusk or class starts), as well as marking out-of-bounds areas, is also vital.

If you don’t have access to a backyard, traffic cones can create a miniature pitch to practice passing and dribbling skills on. Providing an environment that requires precise footwork and timing, this activity can help refine these essential skills. Another fun alternative would be playing Football Tennis, which combines tennis’ strategy with football’s physical demands; singles or doubles matches may be played using nets made out of two chairs tied with rope or even an old badminton net!

Getting Started

Backyard football is an informal version of American football played primarily by youths in informal neighborhood settings. Compared to traditional American football, backyard football uses less equipment and generally permits players to tackle each other more freely; house rules tend to vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and may not even begin with an actual kickoff.

Backyard Football, produced by Humongous Entertainment as part of their Backyard Sports series in 1999, is an educational video game for children that allows the player to select neighborhood children as team members and select professional athletes as kids such as Drew Bledsoe and Brett Favre; later installments in the series even incorporate these athletes animated to fit with its art style.

Backyard Football 2006, one of the latest installments in this series, offers child versions of real NFL players in a full season mode and features realistic seven-on-7 team play with wild arcade-style power moves for children aged 3-7 years. Backyard Football offers 31 NFL teams as well as ten fun backyard teams for players to select their team from for gameplay; plus, it boasts an innovative graphics engine and delightful characters that add even further appeal to this fun sports game!


The game provides replays that allow players to review critical moments from matches, such as punt returns and kickoff returns. Furthermore, replays show when someone tackled or attempted to catch a ball carrier – these scenes also come complete with audio commentary from commentators providing insight into the action on the field.

As well as replays, this game offers unique animations when players catch or tackle a ball. A catch might show their hand reaching across to grab it while being attacked, which may result in their shoulder pads becoming compressed into their shoulder sockets.

Humongous Entertainment released Backyard Football as one of several video games in their Backyard Sports series for Game Boy Advance handheld systems beginning in 1999, alongside Backyard Baseball and its sequels Backyard Football 2001 and Backyard Basketball.

Backyard Football was the only title in its series to support online play with other coaches through JrSN (Junior Sports Network), which closed down sometime during the mid-2000s.

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