Amana Microwave Reviews


When it comes to design, the Amana microwave isn’t flashy, unique, or a statement piece. Its brushed stainless steel finish adds a touch of high-end style, but it’s not overdone. Even its clock display is the same as the one that came out ten years ago. Still, several good features, including a timer, may be important for some people.

Consumer Reports

The Amana microwave does not stand out as flashy or unique, but it is very functional. There is a 30-second timer on the dial, and the vent system uses a charcoal filter and grease filter to scrub away odors. It also gets high marks for its durability.

This appliance costs $219, so it may not be the cheapest choice. But it has some nice features like moisture sensors automatically calculating the cooking time. It has a decent design but doesn’t have as many competing countertop microwaves in the $200 price range. But, it does have its downsides.

The Amana RCS10TS is a powerful microwave oven that works well for warming up pastries and larger dishes. Its 1.2-cu.-ft. Its internal capacity makes it a great option for cafes and restaurants. In addition, it has a programmable push-button interface, which makes it user-friendly for all levels of users.


The design of an Amana microwave is surprisingly minimalist. Its sleek lines don’t make it stand out in the kitchen, but the brushed stainless steel finish gives it a touch of high-end style. The clock display is also minimalist, reminiscent of microwaves from ten years ago. This microwave also boasts a “Cooking Complete Reminder” function that beeps when your food is done cooking.

Amana microwaves come with two defrosting modes. You can select the manual timed defrost mode, which runs at 30 percent power, or the weight defrosts mode, which requires you to input the weight of the food to be defrosted. Then, press the button, and the microwave will automatically calculate the appropriate time and temperature.

Amana was an early innovator of microwave oven technology, introducing the first compact microwave oven for home use in 1967. Its Radarange quickly became a family Christmas gift, and by 1975, Amana microwave oven sales were outpacing gas oven sales for the first time. As people’s lives became busier and more time was spent working, timesaving microwave ovens became an indispensable part of daily life.

The Amana AMC2166AS has 1,200 watts of power, which makes it faster than some countertop microwaves in this price range. It also includes a 90-second preset for popping popcorn. Although the design of the Amana microwave is a bit plain and uninspiring, its overall performance is impressive.


The Amana AMC2166AS is a small, compact microwave that is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable countertop microwave. It has built-in moisture sensors that help you determine when food is done cooking. It also features a 90-second preset for popping popcorn. However, it is not the most exciting appliance, nor does it come with the latest features.

The Amana brand offers a range of countertop models built into cabinetry or the wall. This allows you to match the microwave to the rest of your kitchen suite. They’re also ideal for people with limited space and can easily be fitted. However, the built-in models are often more expensive than their countertop counterparts. The countertop models are also easy to install, but you need a bit of counter space for the unit to fit properly.

The AMC2166AS offers two defrosting options: manual defrost, and weight defrost. Manual defrost uses 30 percent power, while weight defrosts calculate the time for you. Both modes have three variations. These modes can be handy depending on your specific cooking needs.

Amana offers a countertop model as well as over-the-range versions. The countertop model offers more advanced features and can be built into cabinetry. Amana also offers a trim kit for countertop models. The countertop model is also cheaper than an over-the-range model with comparable features.


Amana Microwave ovens are considered one of the industry’s most reliable and durable models. They are designed to last for years and are backed by a twenty-five-year warranty. In addition, the brand offers a variety of models, so choosing the right one can save you money and time.

The brand started in 1934 and is dedicated to making affordable appliances available to everyone. They pioneered the consumer microwave and expanded their product line to include reliable commercial microwaves. The commercial versions are easy to operate and are perfect for institutions and restaurants. Here are a few features of the Amana Microwave.


The Amana microwave is not a flashy microwave or a statement piece. Instead, it has basic features, including a 30-second delay timer. It also uses a charcoal and grease filter to eliminate odors. The brushed stainless steel finish gives it a high-end look, but that’s about it.

The Amana AMC2166AS comes with 1,200 watts of power. This allows you to cook foods faster than other lower-wattage models. It also has a 90-second preset for popping popcorn. It’s not the prettiest appliance you’ll ever see, but it’s a good option for your kitchen.

In 1976, Amana began producing countertop microwave ovens. It dominated the countertop microwave market for several years. The brand controlled between 11% and 18% of the market. This allowed Amana to establish a reputation and a certain level of prestige. As a result, Amana distributors were assigned primary territories before 1978 but were not prohibited from selling outside of these areas.

SMC’s actions were ineffective, and the district court ruled that it failed to prove that the distributors and dealers of Amana demanded the restrictions. SMC also failed to show that it had a group boycott based on price competition. The complaint made by SMC’s New Orleans distributor was not enough to prove a group boycott based on price competition.