Aiden of Corbin Fisher


Nothing beats seeing a muscular man bottom for someone with an undeniable cock. That’s precisely what happened here when Aiden of Corbin Fisher got taken down hard by horse-hung Riley.

Before getting naked, Aiden compares their physiques before getting down to business, stroking each other’s cocks before firing a powerful load down both throats.


Cain has an uncut cock that turns on ladies. He likes to fuck them hard and fast until they are moaning in pleasure, taking Jackie doggy-style and pounding hard on her suckhole before teaser his massive cock before teaser more with it and teasing further with its head until Jackie takes it all in, eagerly awaiting more pleasure from him slapping tits and spanks of his big cock to increase happiness even further.

Ashley doesn’t hesitate to express what she wants from him, including being straight up about it! He enjoys seeing an attractive blonde girl, such as Ashley. Although Ashley may appear friendly and innocuous initially, she knows how to keep even the wildest studs at bay!

After Sheppard them both with an arse-smack, she made them lie on the bed and present themselves fully before sucking both, fingering their tight asses and smooth cocks while she stroked Cain’s massive chest and nipples – and his subsequent deepthroat stroke only added to their desire.

He’s giving her the fuck she wants; she’s thoroughly enjoying himself! He wants her to move closer so he can feel her titbits; she obliges and even moves further up her cock! Now he is pounding on her suckhole so hard she handles his tight dick pressed against the inside of the small space between their pelvises!

She tells him to take her on his back, and he does just that. She’s in heaven rubbing her ass with both hands while moaning loudly. He fucks hard and fast as she revels in every second! His fingers expand faster with each pass while she grows inside him faster with each fuck; soon, they’re pounding so hard that she squeals with delight from inside him! Now all she wants is more of his cum in her mouth!


Trey, one of our most beloved CF actors, is an exhibitionist who loves teasing both on and off camera. His dark eyes brim with confidence, humor, and passion for life. His ripe body and fiery dick are an absolute feast for the eyes, and he’s ready to show them off in every scene he stars in!

He impressed everyone in his first CF scene by battering Kiersten before bottoming for Connor and then playing memorable tag teams. His versatility as both top and bottom makes him an exceptional performer who’s never afraid to try new things – whether pounding hard on newcomers or bottoming for muscular jocks!

In this scene, Trey fucks Aiden on his back before having him straddle his face as he takes it down. Once finished, he tells him to slide down on his cock; after which Aiden sucks on it in delight as his muscled giant ride his tight ass. They both enjoy each other so much they decide to lick and kiss one another before going in together for a cold shower. Connor claims this scene as his favorite Trey scene; both can’t get enough of each other’s company. Until then, they plan to meet again soon, so push each other around in the water while enjoying each other’s company!


On March 26, Kyle Dean, 21, an adult website model for Corbin Fisher, was found dead in his Central Florida home. No official cause has yet been given, and memorial services will occur the following day in Tampa.

Corbin Fisher has built its reputation on top-quality content and impeccable customer service. Over time, they’ve earned many accolades and awards for their video productions and websites, while their sexy stars appeal to fans of all ages and tastes. Excelsior Productions was founded by CEO Jason Gibson in 2005 as Corbin Fisher is just a division.

Corbin Fisher fans have fallen hard for Connor, an impressive young stud with youthful features and a robust body. With an outstanding build and a complex, rock-hard cock that gets rock-hard quickly. He is not shy about sharing his hard-on with other guys either – his two favorite guys being Trey and Aiden, whom he adores immensely.

The studs take turns fucking each other’s pussies. Aiden excels at squirting and loves ramming his cock down his partners’ throats. Meanwhile, Connor enjoys licking and stroking horny friends’ cocks with an iron fist.

Connor is one of the premier Corbin Fisher models and knows how to delight his fans. His videos are filled with orgasms, and his sensuous pecs will leave you wanting more. His scenes with Cain and Chandler are timeless gay porn classics: watching Cain take Chandler’s colossal dick off with sweaty, seductive pecs will never become tiresome for fans of CF! Connor already boasts the body and personality required to become an industry darling.


Marc has earned himself his showcase on CF. A muscular dude with a huge ass and boyishly handsome face, Marc boasts a sensually seductive body that makes girls quiver with orgasmic joy. Additionally, Marc is an expert at fucking, and wants to take hot newcomer Cort on an exciting ride she won’t soon forget! It promises to be one sexy ride after another!

Aiden and Marc start their scene by exploring each other’s nipples and cocks, kissing each other’s nipples before placing his lips over Marc’s nipples and kissing his nipples while massaging his massive cock. Aiden loves having his vast cock stroked, which explains his enjoyment in having Ashley fucked by Marc while simultaneously having his enormous cock stroked by Aiden.

As their three-way oral continues, they switch up who’s punching whom. Ashley whimpers as Marc feeds his dick into her, only for Aiden to consume his and double-stuff him! Ashley pleads with him not to pull away, then repeats this cycle with him getting double stuff from Ashley before pulling away again to give Aiden another turn at it all before sliding his own back in again for double stuffing from Marc!

The trio then transitions into a daisy chain. Each member takes turns blowing on and licking each other’s asses. After some time, Marc and Kent switch places. Marc pulls a load out of Aiden’s hole before pulling it back inside again for extra fuckage; Kent stretches Aiden out further before pulling his hole back inside again for extra pleasure fuckage with Aiden, before all four muscled men tear each other apart while leaving him covered in cum. Finally, they all switch places again as all four muscled guys rip each other to shocking chaos before switching roles together once more before all four switch positions again before swapping places!


Kent is a handsome guy, boasting ripped abs and an attractive thick, masculine cock. As a former competitive runner, his body is in tip-top condition – no surprise, given this factor alone! Kent is also adept in front of the camera; whether stroking his balls or engaging with another male partner, he always seems to enjoy life’s experiences!

Since joining CF at its inception, he has been an exemplary model and sub in numerous scenes. Additionally, he’s always willing to get his ass fucked or take on any hard cum. Watching him in any setting is enjoyable, though perhaps his most impressive background with Kellan could be his bareback flip-fuck scene!

Kellan gets wild in this clip by gently squeezing his pants. A great student, Kellan, can be found wearing gym shorts to school.

Though many of Corbin Fisher’s other models have made this list, he deserves special recognition for his incredible work with these guys. While only ten spots can fit on any given list, his cast certainly earned their spots; whether Aiden Bottoming, Dawson, TJ Cade, or Lucas (all who could easily have cut), each gave fans unforgettable scenes. Check them out now; you won’t regret it!