Adroit Health Group Reviews


Company culture

The Adroit Health Group Company culture is integral to the healthcare industry. The management team has experience in the individual health insurance market and has worked with state insurance officials. The company’s goal is to create a work environment where individuals can achieve their professional and personal goals. In addition, the company is focused on providing the best services to physicians and their patients.

Working conditions

The Adroit Health Group is a Texas-based insurance agency that offers comprehensive benefits administration and management services to carriers and agents. The company employs a network of licensed third-party call center agents who sell various insurance products to consumers. These agents are not employees but independent contractors who carriers or agents hire for specific purposes.


Compensation for Adroit Health Group employees varies depending on their position and industry. Adroit Health Group employees are offered various benefits, including medical insurance, prescription drugs, and wellness services. They may also receive flexible work hours and a flexible schedule. Compensation is based on the type of position held but can be lower for those who are self-employed or have limited time.

Training opportunities

Adroit Health Group offers a wide range of training opportunities for physicians. Whether a doctor is already in-house or looking for a new position, they will be able to learn about the latest developments and trends in the field. Despite this, there is still room for improvement, and the company isn’t perfect. Nevertheless, these reviews will provide a helpful perspective on the company’s culture, job security, benefits, and compensation. You can also use the reviews to learn about training opportunities and interview skills.