Adding 11 Weeks to PUA for Edd Unemployment Benefits


Whether you are looking for employment or are looking for more information about unemployment benefits, you can find out more about the Employment Development Department (EDD). The EDD provides employment services to the community, including providing programs to help individuals find employment, analyzing labor market information, and collecting employment data. The department also administers the Unemployment Insurance program, the Paid Family Leave program and the Disability Insurance program.

Adding 11 weeks to PUA

Adding 11 weeks to PUA for Edd unemployment benefits is now possible for eligible Californians who have run out of regular state unemployment compensation (UI) benefits. As of Sunday, January 13, the Employment Development Department is beginning to notify people who qualify for these extensions. These additional weeks will be paid out in the form of $300 Federal Additional Compensation (PAC) payments.

In order to apply for these benefits, an eligible individual will need to provide documentation of self-employment or employment during the calendar year prior to the date of the claim. If a claimant does not meet these requirements, the PUA funds may be returned.

This new verification process could affect nearly 10 million people currently drawing from the program. The process will be available to new applicants, as well as to individuals who have been previously denied benefits.

This new verification process will take place over a two-week period. This will make contact times longer than usual, as the agency works to update its systems.

Those who qualify for the extension will receive a new debit card that allows them to track their benefits. The new debit cards will be mailed within four to seven days. Those who qualify will also be able to open a new claim if one exists.

Notifying you of a PEUC award

Using the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) proprietary TelecertSM system, you can claim up to 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits. The maximum amount of money you can collect is based on past wages reported by your employers. You have 10 days to contact EDD if you haven’t received your payments.

As of last week, you could expect to receive your check sometime in the not-too-distant future. The EDD is on a mission to process a large volume of claims during COVID-19. It’s not surprising, the state is a hotbed of joblessness. The CARES Act measures include an extra $600 per week added to your state unemployment payment. The EDD has also begun to administer a mix of self-employment supplement programs. You may be eligible for a 20-week FED-ED extension if you qualify.

The EDD will be implementing the next phase of benefits this weekend. For the most part, you can count on the usual two to three-week turnaround time. You’ll have to take the time to verify your account for payments and certify your benefits account for your next round of checks. The EDD has a slew of helpful informational videos online on its website and on its YouTube channel.