5ers Forex Review


The 5%ers is an assessment platform designed to enable newcomer and experienced traders to test their trading abilities and make money through different risk and capital levels. Their MT5 platform features advanced features accessible across devices.

Low and aggressive program options are offered, each requiring a specific profit target. Accounts failing to meet minimum profit requirements will be closed out when they don’t make a profit, leading to immediate termination.

The platform is not a broker.

The 5%ers is a funded trader platform and growth program that allows traders to earn money without risking their capital. New traders can join by paying an initial one-time fee and participating in an assessment process known as Level 1. Once successful in Level 1, their account will become funded, and they’ll have the chance to expand profits further – plus receive professional guidance and educational guidelines!

To qualify for the program, traders must demonstrate consistent and sound risk management practices. They must complete at least 100 positions with a performance factor more significant than two and exhibit consistency through a winning rate greater than 50%.

Trading can include forex pairs, cross pairs, precious metals, and indices using the leverage of up to 1:30 and payment options that include credit cards. Be wary of withdrawal fees which could eat into profits significantly.

It offers a risk management program.

The 5ers is a proprietary trading firm offering instant funding. They have programs tailored for novice and seasoned traders, aiming to foster an environment where traders can develop their skills.

To be eligible for a funded account, traders must undergo a comprehensive risk evaluation program and demonstrate they can manage their funds efficiently while producing a high net return. In addition, this company offers an affordable payment structure which sets it apart from other prop firms.

Funders of The 5ers must pay a one-off fee to open accounts with them and begin trading. Their user-friendly platform supports various trading strategies and comes equipped with tools for market analysis; additionally, traders can take advantage of educational resources and courses provided by The 5ers and the profit-split model that allows them to gain a percentage of any profits earned on their funded accounts.

It offers four programs.

While prop firms provide numerous advantages and strategies for passive earnings, The5ers goes one step further by offering to fund trader accounts. By exchanging a small portion of your capital for this service, The5ers will support your trading account and share any profits with you – providing beginners with an ideal environment where they can gain experience while developing skills without incurring too much risk.

The5ers offers leverage up to 1:30, depending on which program is selected, enabling traders to trade with much more significant sums of money – potentially increasing gains or losses significantly. Still, it is crucially important that traders understand all risks involved with leveraged trading.

The5ers offers traders another advantage by permitting trades to be held over weekends and overnight – something swing traders and day traders who cannot access other prop firms may appreciate. Unfortunately, their 50% profit-sharing model might seem expensive for more sophisticated traders or market participants who trade at scale.

It offers a demo account.

The5ers is a prop trading company offering funded accounts to traders. Their instrument selection ranges from over 200, and maximum leverage is up to 1:30; traders may deposit any currency while trading CFDs. However, due to power, the risk is significant that money could quickly vanish as soon as trading starts.

the5ers offers free demo accounts to traders, and traders can decide whether to utilize it or not. In addition, participants can pay a monthly participation fee to access instant funding. the5ers is suitable for experienced traders with clear trading strategies; it may not suit novice traders well.

To become eligible for a funded account, traders must meet specific trading requirements. These include making a minimum stable profit while fulfilling Winning Factor and Performance Factor criteria. Once this condition has been fulfilled, the company will share any profits earned with the trader.