4 Life Skills People Can Learn Playing Magic: the Gathering


How can a trading card game teach you life skills? With the popularity and depth of Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game can teach people many life skills. 

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1. Enhance Critical Thinking

Battle strategy is essential when playing Magic: the Gathering. You must evaluate the circumstances of your opponent’s battlefield, analyze the cards in your hand, and discover a battle strategy that can help you secure the win, even if there are many hoops to jump through to get there. 

With over 20,000 cards in the MTG universe, there are thousands of ways that you can win with a combination of different cards in your deck. The key is to have a good threat assessment and remove what is decreasing your home-field advantage the most. In addition, critically thinking about your strategy throughout the game will keep you organized. 

In real life, the critical thinking you learned from playing MTG can translate into solving complex problems such as a dispute amongst family members or ways to budget your money so you can have all that you need and want. 

2. Reading Comprehension

Sometimes the cards are worded in a way that may be difficult to understand. Especially as you learn all the card mechanics, you may have to read a card a few times to understand its effects and how it influences the battlefield entirely. 

Read and reread the card for understanding. Of course, while you already have accumulated reading comprehension skills from school, reading Magic: the Gathering card oracle text and experiencing how it ties in with the rest of the battlefield is a new world. 

If you cast a card and do not know its full effects, it can hinder your battlefield’s advantage. Even misreading one word can throw off the entire game. 

For example, Farewell allows you to pick one or more actions: exile all artifacts, exile all creatures, exile all enchantments, or exile all graveyards. Exile means they are permanently removed from the game, and you cannot retrieve them for repeat use like you can from your graveyard. If you cast this and then realize you accidentally exiled pieces that you could have returned to your hand from your graveyard with another spell, you would have to reevaluate your strategy with new cards you draw over the next few turns. 

3. Decision-Making Skills

Playing MTG with a competitive opponent can back you in a corner. For example, if you see too many creatures on their side and you have a board wipe, it would be better to cast it and have everyone begin on a clean slate so that you do not lose prematurely. 

Making the best decision to increase advantage for your side of the field is essential as you play Magic. However, decision-making skills for different issues in your life can ultimately change your life when you make the best choices. 

4. Reinforce Math Skills

Math skills are essential to note how much mana you need to cast a specific spell. Some spells have two or three Xs in the mana cost. Multiplication and division are essential for calculating X spells. 

For example, Crackle with Power is a sorcery card that allows you to deal five times X damage of up to X targets. For every target, you have put extra mana into the spell. 

If you want to have five damage dealt to each of the three creatures, you would need three mana per instance of five damage to a target. For every three mana, the X cost would increase by one. Spending nine mana for X and the base cost of two red mana will allow you to deal 15 damage to up to three targets. 

Final Thoughts

Who knew that a trading card game could be fun while teaching you more about different life skills? What is your favourite thing about the game if you play Magic already? If you are a novice player, what is one thing you hope to get out of the game in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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